Accessibility Information: Charting a Clear Course through our Digital Healthcare

Embarking on a digital journey shouldn’t pose obstacles. At The Brand Surgery, we’re staunchly committed to ensuring the smoothest, most accessible navigation for everyone. Picture our website as an all-welcoming healthcare unit where every visitor is assured clear, comprehensible pathways, whatever their navigational needs might be.

A Robust Backbone: Website Standards

Much like a sturdy spine supports the body, our website’s code, in adherence to W3C HTML and CSS guidelines, provides a backbone ensuring reliable and inclusive access for all. From standard browsing to the utilisation of assistive technologies such as screen readers, we’ve aimed for a seamless user experience, prescribing clarity and ease in each digital interaction.

Text Size: Prioritising Your Reading Comfort

Ensuring your comfort, akin to offering the right prescription spectacles, is crucial to us. Adjust text size to your reading ease using your browser’s View menu or keyboard shortcuts, making sure each word is as clear and comprehensible as a doctor’s advice.

Links: A Clear Route through our Digital Corridors

Navigating through our site is intended to be as straightforward as strolling through clearly signposted hospital corridors. Links are clear, understandable, and devoid of puzzling terminology like “click here.” Our linking strategy acts as your friendly guide, helping you manoeuvre through our digital space effortlessly, with descriptive alternatives available for screen reader users.

Images: Visual Aid with an Accompanying Guide

Every image comes with its own ‘alt attribute’ – consider this as a friendly nurse providing whispered descriptions about the visual narratives on your screen, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed by our partially sighted visitors.

Page Structure: Organised Like a Spotless Operating Theatre

With clarity and structure being paramount to successful operations, our pages are crafted with defined headings and segments, ensuring logical, clear, and concise navigation, much like moving through a meticulously organised operating theatre where every section has a distinct purpose and function.

Your Feedback: The Vital Sign of Our Continuous Improvement

Your insights and feedback are invaluable, acting as a crucial second opinion in our ongoing efforts to improve. Should you encounter any hurdles or have suggestions on our journey toward creating the most accessible digital environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re here, always ready to listen and enhance your navigational experience in our digital healthcare space.

Your journey through an accessible digital realm should be as stress-free as a check-up with your favourite healthcare professional. At The Brand Surgery, your digital wellness and smooth, unobstructed access to information is our priority, and we’re perpetually refining our strategies to ensure precisely that.

Ensuring Digital Wellness Together,

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