2023 Chartered Marketer FCIM badge
Vicky Vaughan, Marketing Coach is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
CPD accredited training provider - chartered marketing coach and mentor
CPD accredited training provider - chartered marketing coach and mentor

Marketing and coaching accreditations, qualifications and experience

Welcome to our accreditation page. Our CEO, Vicky Vaughan FCIM FInstLM, has been studying and researching marketing and coaching techniques since 2009, enabling our clients above to enjoy sustainable growth.

Our impressive collection of marketing and coaching accreditations enables our clients shine and keep ahead of their competition, now and in the future.

Chartered Marketer

Vicky has been Chartered Marketer since 2013 which means she is on a Continuous Professional Development journey. Each year she learns the latest marketing techniques and changes. She is assessed on her current marketing know-how which effectively helps our customers overcome their marketing challenges. There have been heaps of changes in the past decade including  mobile usage overtaking desktop usage, AI and marketing automation, GDPR, the boom of social media and new algorithms. What’s next? How can these changes make or break your business? Hiring a Chartered Marketer is putting your business brand in safe hands and putting you in control.

Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Vicky is also Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Fellowship is the top level of membership and means Vicky is experienced and well qualified. Not all Fellow members are Chartered Marketers. It is important to choose a Fellow who is also Chartered like Vicky is, so you can ensure the marketing advice you receive is up to date.

L7 CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Vicky has been studying and researching marketing strategy since 2009 which helps Vicky and her customers think strategically from the inside out. How? The content of this qualification means that Vicky is able to professionally nurture your niche and align it with customers who will appreciate and value your offering – then they will pay more money. Everyone wins! Vicky then combines traditional marketing strategy and modern marketing psychology techniques. This enabling us to get inside the mind of your potential customers  and create messages that will motivate them into taking a desired action. Then we create the best marketing strategy to cut through the all noise and make you shine, using a mix of digital technology and offline marketing! Vicky has the marketing expertise to help you to understand and achieve your customers’ goals quickly and enjoyably, creating brand love all year round.

Master Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK (EMCC UK)

Qualified to Postgraduate L7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. EMCC run many CPD events. Being part of EMCC ensure I continue to improve my coaching expertise.

Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Vicky is a PostGraduate Level 7 qualified Executive Coach and Mentor. This means that Vicky is able to create and ask POWERUL questions that will enable you to think outside the box and provide insights that will launch your business way above the other competition. Coaching helps with marketing because it will help us understand potential gaps that need to be filled. Vicky understands the challenges of leadership and uses bespoke coaching tools which will help your personal brand and business brand to flourish.

Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management

Vicky is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management which ensures that she keeps improving her leadership and coaching skills. She is always learning best practice to steer you in the right direction and keep growing your personal brand and business brand. It can be tricky to make informed decisions if you are absorbed inside the business. Vicky’s coaching and mentoring skills enable you to take a step back and get a take a birds eye view giving you a different perspective of your business. See Vicky’s coaching and mentoring testimonials.

Full Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).

What is Transactional Analysis (TA) and why does it matter to marketing? Vicky has studied TA since 2016 as part of the L7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualification and was hooked from that point on. TA Ego States are one of the most well-known Transactional Analysis concepts and there are plenty more which have proven to be very successful in our marketing strategies.  We apply TA and other marketing psychology concepts as part of our inside out philosophy – strengthening your personal brand, your business brand and improving customer your journey.

CPD Accredited Training provider

The Brand Surgery® is a CPD accredited training provider. CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. This means that if, like us, you are on a CPD journey and require proof of learning, then we can provide a CPD certificate for your professional institute. You can choose from online and offline training solutions. To complement this accreditation, Vicky Vaughan FCIM FInstLM, has experience of being a lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Vicky and her team have received several commendations from the Chartered Institute of Marketing for outstanding student results.

20 years successful business owner

Vicky has been a business owner since 2002, successfully navigating two recessions and we are about to celebrate 20 years in business. Using The Brand Surgery’s inside out approach means that many of the logos we have designed are still working hard after 15 years or more! Why? Because we understand and apply the fundamentals of marketing enabling you to shine above all the other noise. Whether you are launching a new business , rebranding or growing your brand, it is essential to win the trust of potential and existing customers. Our portfolio of marketing, coaching and training accreditations enables you to do that. 

By choosing a fully accredited creative, marketing and brand solution, like The Brand Surgery, you are protecting and nurturing your biggest asset.

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It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Vicky Vaughan at the Brand Surgery. We’re delighted with our new logo and website which, thanks to Vicky’s creative flair and technical talents, successfully met the brief to be clean and modern, whilst capturing the airport’s rich heritage. Thank you, Vicky, for your adaptability and patience while working with a team with little marketing experience, who regularly changed their minds! We highly recommend the Brand Surgery.

Bridget Short

Brighton City Airport

We met Vicky from Brand Surgery last year. In that time she has created a wonderful logo for The Dome Cinema (Worthing) which is in keeping with our lovely building. Vicky has been very easy to work with, and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. Well done Vicky. (Google review)

Paul Jervis

Managing Director, Dome Cinema, Worthing

    "Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely benefited me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria's executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors."

    Gordon Frost

    Operations Director, Stagecoach South

      "Vicky is an excellent coach, her approach is based on developing successful solutions in a positive and inspiring environment. She offers creative ideas for developing new strategies and approaches to problems. Her sessions are well-focussed and structured, and always end with positive outcomes and ideas for development."

      Dr Stephen Millam

      Director, Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College

        "Executive Coaching has made a huge difference in a very short period of time. The plan that has developed during sessions has been key to my leadership development. Vicky’s 12 years experience in Local Government are of value because she understands the constraints and financial pressures that Sussex police and other public services are under and coaches with this in mind. I am happy to recommend Victoria for Executive Coaching services."

        Howard Hodges

        Divisional Commander – Chief Superintendent Howard Hodges, Sussex Police