Branding for business start-ups, new products, services and apps

Branding for start-up businesses

You are about to launch a new business, product, service or app. You are excited and raring to go. You would like a shiny new logo and branding to promote your brilliant idea to the world, and you won’t let anyone get in your way. The faster, the better, yes? Whoa, slow down. Five businesses, somewhere in the UK will die within the next minute. 30 businesses will have died within the next hour and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, over 300 businesses in the UK would have died (Source: Gov.uk). 

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you want your brand to be nurtured and loved for longterm sustainable growth, you are in the right place. Building a trusted and loved brand requires an inside-out approach. Referring back to our kissing analogy: Marketing is like asking someone for a kiss, and branding is the reason why people would want to kiss you.  A new logo is not a good reason to kiss you. Would you want to kiss someone just because they look pretty? Well maybe you would, but when someone’s soul shines through, you are more likely to fall in love and that is the reason for The Brand Surgery’s inside-out approach to branding.

To demonstrate this point: Make a list of three brands you have used (see table below). Then describe your brand expectation and experience. Was it good or bad? How did the logo design affect your expectation? Was there a gap between your expectation and experience? The smaller the gap between your perception and reality, the better. The Brand Surgery enables your brand soul to shine through your logo and other online and offline brand visuals including website, social media messages, case studies, and more,

Examples of logos and branding misalignment and alignment

The Brand Surgery creates logos that last the distance

The Brand Surgery designs logos which last. This is important because it creates consistency and trust in your brand. In a world that is forever changing, businesses are continually having to adapt to keep up. People are having to cope with continual technology changes. Many of us are looking for peace and silence away from the noise. If we think about our homes, it’s reassuring to go home at night because we know it will be there, we trust it, and it is the one salvation in amongst the chaos. If your logo is designed correctly, and your brand soul shines through your logo, branding and customer service, your business will be recognised as trusted lifeline for your customers in a time of disorder.

Many of the logos that The Brand Surgery designed for trusted businesses are in their fifteenth year and still going strong: Magic Man Repairs (15 years old), Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant (18 years old),  MastersFullers Accountants (16 years old), Worthing Town Centre Initiative (17 years old), How do we do this? It’s because all the businesses we work with shine from within. Their logos and marketing messages reflect their brand soul. How? We ask the right questions, enabling us to get to the heart of your idea. Here’s a few of the questions we will ask you.

  1. What excites you about it?
  2. Who will value it and be as excited as you?
  3. What are the aspirations and goals of your target customers?
  4. How will your business, product, service or app enrich life for these people?

The Brand Surgery’s guarantee for kissable brands

The Brand Surgery guarantees remarkable business growth when you’re following a bespoke branding strategy written for your new business. Discovering and nurture your brand soul is key because connections are the new currency. When your brand soul shines, your will automatically look great and people will want to connect with you.

If your brand is established and growing sustainably, then chances are, your brand soul is shining brightly from within. So why would you need a brand refresh? A brand refresh focuses on the aesthetics of your business. Maybe your logo is looking a tad stale?

Three reasons to hire The Brand Surgery to launch your new business

  1. I am a Chartered Marketer with over twenty-five years of branding experience, having worked with 100s of smart Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals (BOCCFEPs), just like you. Branding your business can feel daunting, and The Brand Surgery uses the kissing analogy to inject some fun into your branding journey.
  2. I use a blend of marketing psychology, creative design, and my tried and tested inside-out philosophy to create a brand strategy for your business to shine from within. Your stunning new logo, social media messages and website will be a reflection of your brand soul. Your spark of energy will keep everybody going through the good and bad times. Your brand soul’s resonance is the reason why people want to kiss you more than once. This ensures that your brand communications are authentic, relevant, have meaning and tell an engaging story.
  3. Read what others say about The Brand Surgery.

Business branding solutions

  • Discover and nurture your brand soul
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design and corporate identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Social media templates
  • Email signatures
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Launch event and PR for brand refresh – now is the time to celebrate your brand refresh and promote it to the world. I can help you amplify your brand refresh on social media and through the press with a brand relaunch event.
  • Brand marketing: Resonating your brand soul throughout all your marketing communications

Personal branding

Did you know that 70% of consumers feel more connected to brands with CEOs that are active on social (source: Sprout Social)? This means that your personal brand is as important as your business brand, and is why rebranding must start with the CEO. I coach business owners to enhance their personal brands. The pandemic has taken its toll on many of us. If you’ve lost your mojo and need help with your personal vision, mission, and values, to get you excited again, schedule a free chat to discuss.


Business branding for startups

Creating a successful business brand with The Brand Surgery is enjoyable and rewarding. I have an extensive background in graphic design, combined with being a fully accredited Chartered Marketer, enabling me to tap into your audience. Read my testimonials.

Marketing is like asking someone to kiss you. Branding is the ‘reason’ they want to kiss you.
Branding consultant to grow your business through professional branding - Chartered Marketer with extensive graphic design expertise

How it works …

There is a seven-step process to rebranding to ensure that your business brand shines healthily from the inside out. Download our branding health spa packages for a solution to suit your business venture.


Once your brand soul is discovered, let it shine throughout all your marketing collateral – from promotional products, though to uniforms, your website and social media. The Brand Surgery will create a reason for your audience to want to kiss you forever. Back this up with a stunning logo and brand visuals – and watch your brand launch.  

Promote your logo and brand - uniforms, signaage, promotional products
Logo design menu design corporate identity The Fat Greek Taverna restaurant


Once your logo, core colours, and brand symbols are agreed upon, this will be echoed throughout your website, social media, and other marketing collateral. Below is a selection of logo designs for businesses, projects and apps. Logo design is a small part of creating a healthy, kissable brand. See new business branding below.


Once your brand soul is shining brightly and your new logo is agreed upon, we will create your brand guidelines for print and digital. Your brand guidelines are your ‘bible’ to keep referring to ensure consistency when marketing your brand. The brand guidelines ensure correct logo use, symbols, images, brand voice, and more. This puts you in control because as your business grows, your communications will remain consistent, creating brand trust and attracting more kisses!

Trade union rebrand - National Federation of SubPostmasters
Earthquake seismic business branding

Are you a mover, shaker or earthquaker?

Your business is unique. We celebrate what makes it unique, Rather than trying to it fit into a box. The Brand Surgery will celebrate your differences by discovering your brand soul. We explore the epicentre of your business and ensure it is felt globally.  Our seismic branding tool is based on 100s of successful brands and rebrands over 20 years.

Examples of successful new business brands

Visit our portfolio to see our other examples of new business branding.  

Logo and menu design for The Fat Greek Restaurant


The Fat Greek Taverna is based in Worthing, Sussex.  It is a celebration of Greek culture. The owner, Andrew Sparsis, asked us to create a logo and brand visuals to promote the soul of his new business venture. Andrew wanted a rustic look and feel. We created a website and menu templates for his printer to be able to amend, saving the business money in the long term. 

Boss Remote Solutions sub-brand logo for new business


We have been working with Boss Controls to grow their business brand since 2016. As a result of the growth, the business has expanded and has opened Boss Remote Solutions Centre which serves the whole of the UK. Boss Controls will always be the umbrella brand and the Boss RSC logo was design to complement the existing branding.  To read more about Boss Controls, visit their website.  

Logo design and branding for Local Government apps - technology and ai


iESE public sector transformation consultants lead by example, and they have transformed their business model to adapt to the digital age and related market trends. As a part of iESE’s transformation, they have developed a new suite of apps which The Brand Surgery created the logos and visual branding for,  keeping to iESE brand guidelines, which we helped them develop. You can read more about the apps on iESE’s website which The Band Surgery also designed and developed.

Website design and branding for business setup - property developer

Chesterman Homes

Chesterman Homes is a property developer based in Shoreham, West Sussex. The owner, Sven Chesters, asked us to create the name, logo, website. As always, we started the project by identifying the soul behind Sven’s vision. We celebrated his uniqueness by partnering with the Hedgehog Society.  Chesterman Homes promises to build a hedgehog-friendly garden in every property the company develops.