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Brand Revitaliser™ 

This package is for brands that are on-track with customer service and wish to reach a similar audience. Your visuals and messages require refreshing and revitalising. 

No marketing expertise? No worries. The Brand Surgery® will take care of everything and help you to create and grow the perfect brand.
For smart business owners who understand that rebranding is more than logo design

Brand Revitaliser™ package includes: 

  • Brand Revitaliser™ business bespoke rebrand package—select your options
  • A 45-minute consultation to understand more about you and your business, your goals, and challenges
  • 1.5 hour Client SuperPower Workshop (gain essential insights to set the strategy for the rebrand) + upgrades available
  • Includes logo design, brand guidelines, workshop, business cards – select your options
  • 250 full colour, laminated business cards with your new logo, 1 name (+ upgrades available)
  • Choose from: Super Express, Express, and standard turnaround times 
  • Your logo concepts will be presented via a zoom meeting. With up to 2 people from your organisation

Below is our simple THREE-STEP process to clear, effective business branding. 

Step 1: Diagnosis and Prescription

Welcome, esteemed prospective clients, to our process page, where we aim to provide you with a clear roadmap to business branding excellence. Brand Revitaliser™ is one of branding packages meticulously designed to address your specific branding requirements. You need not pay the full package amount upfront—a tempting alternative awaits!

Step 2: Refundable Deposit

Ensuring Commitment To ensure a smooth and committed journey towards achieving your branding goals, we offer the option of a small refundable deposit. Consider it as a sign of mutual dedication and a way to secure your place within our schedule. This refundable deposit showcases your commitment to the process, without the burden of paying the entire package cost upfront. Once paid, you will be emailed our contact number, to arrange our first brand health consultation. The 5% deposit is fully refundable upon successful completion of the branding process. It’s a proven and reliable arrangement.

Step 3: Initiating the Branding

Journey Once you have selected your preferred branding package, placed the refundable deposit, and scheduled a meeting with our branding experts, we will embark on the exciting journey of turning your vision into reality. During the scheduled meeting, we will meticulously analyse your business from various angles, harnessing our creative expertise to craft a bespoke branding strategy to bring your brand to life. We will provide regular updates and guidance throughout the process. We are committed to making your branding experience seamless and rewarding. Contact us today, and together, we will initiate the transformative process of elevating your brand to new heights. Disclaimer: Our branding services are delivered with the utmost professionalism, focusing on tangible results rather than medical procedures.

Less than a 10% refundable deposit is required to begin revitalising your brand. Let us start boosting your brand today 😊

Additional information

Brand Coaching Workshop

Vision, Mission, Values, Brand Health Audit, Customer Journey

Client SuperPower Workshop

1 hour 1 person (standard), 1 hour, 2 people, 2 hours, 1 person, 2 hours, 2-3 people 2 hours, 4-6 people

Additional sets of amends

Up to one amend included, Two sets total, Three sets total, Four sets total, Five sets total

Turnaround time

Standard 1 month, Express 21 working days

Logo output

Standard 1 x JPG/PNG/Vector included, Add Spot Colour Vector (up to 4 spot colours), Add simple black/white version of your logo, Add all of the above

Brand guidelines

Starter level included, BrandFit™ Guidelines (20% off separate package)

Business cards

250 full-colour cards (1 name) standard, 250 full colour cards (2 names) standard

Brand Revitaliser™ from £1295

Who is Brand Revitaliser™ for? For small business owners that realise their original logo is no longer reflects their vision, mission, and values. They have been in business for 5+ years, and have a small team of employees. Getting you team to buy into your vision can be a challenge. This package has been proven to enhance employer brands and get your whole team as excited about your vision as you! Less than a 10% refundable deposit is required to begin revitalising your brand. Secure your brand now. 

Please see the video of Intech Controls logo which was revitalised in 2018. This company did not require repositioning or a total transformation, but simply a visual refresh.

Brand Revitaliser™ is our most popular full rebranding package. This full rebranding package includes a customer workshop as standard, logo design, brand guidelines and design, print and delivery of 150 full-colour double-sided business cards to show off your new brand visuals. Designed for smart business owners who understand that rebranding is more than creating a new logo. Brand Revitaliser™ ensures that your brand will be fit for purpose and future-proofed.

Less than a 10% refundable deposit is required to begin revitalising your brand. Let us start boosting your brand today 😊


Brand Revitaliser™ Planning Workshop

Workshops to provide essential insights to super-proof your business brand

Included as standard

1 hour recorded workshop - up to 8 people

Guaranteed to revitalise and refresh

To inspire, motivate and persuade your team and customers into action.

Outside 10 miles – please call 07909 693172 to discuss.

Outside 10 miles – please call 07909 693172 to discuss.

Logo design

We allocate 1 hour per set for amendments, focusing on reasonable changes. This approach fosters a collaborative spirit, ensuring that co-creation is a joyful, respectful process for both parties.

Up to one amend (included)

Up to one amend (included)

Two sets total

Two sets total

Three sets total

Three sets total

Four sets total

Four sets total

If it goes over, we can chat

Be savvy, plan ahead. Pre-book and pocket a £75 saving. Normally, 5 amends would set you back £475

Turnaround time

Logo turnaround time from date of client workshop (choose between 5–15 days)

Standard 15 working days (included)

Standard 15 working days (included)

Express 10 working days

Express 10 working days

Logo output formats

What formats would you like your logo delivered in? Logo formats for printing, websites and more

Suitable for printing

Standard 1 x JPG, CMYK, 300dpi included

Transparent background for printing

Used to placing logo over a coloured background, to avoid a white box

Can be printed HUGE for signage without losing quality

Can be manipulated in vector software and enlarged infinitely

Used for printing in spot colours

Useful for promotional merchandise

Useful to have in your logo library

Useful for printing promotional ads and black and white press advertising

Printed business cards

Printed business cards to promote your rebrand

Matt laminated and double sided

Included: 250 full-colour cards (1 name) standard

250 full colour cards (2 names) standard

250 full colour cards (2 names) standard

Brand guidelines

You will receive your guidelines via email as a PDF or PowerPoint document, once your logo has been approved. For the full guideline options, go to our BrandFit™ Guidelines package

Creates consistency and builds trust

Including exclusion zones, logo size - see NFSP guidelines for reference

You will receive fonts by email.

Recommended fonts, font size, font weight

Complementary colours for your visual branding

Up to five complementary colours, , spot, hex colours and CMYK mixes

Up to 10 additional colours

Up to 10 additional colours, spot, hex colours and CMYK mixes

This page requires a workshop - select this or the option above

This is the same as the workshop option above

Explain to key stakeholders why you have chosen your colours

Linked to your visual branding

Social media branded templates

I will design your most used social media channel's branded templates (as standard) and email them to you

Chose your most most used social media

Get the templates emailed to you. Up to three shapes for each channel. Nine graphics in total.

Additional social media channel - 3 shapes

Additional social media channel - 3 shapes

Additional social media channel - 3 shapes


Upload templates to your social media schedular or agency

Upload templates and brand colours to your social media schedular or agency - if you don't have one, contact me.

Product price: £1,295
Total options:
Order total:
Pay a deposit of 3% per item

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