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Case study: Logo Design and Brand Guidelines in Heritage and Hospitality Sector


Dome Cinema, Worthing

Project name:

Dome Cinema Rebrand including New Logo Design and Brand Guidelines

Logo objectives:

  1. Part of a Major Rebrand
  2. Celebrate the building’s iconic Art Deco design

We met Vicky from Brand Surgery last year. In that time she has created a wonderful logo for The Dome Cinema (Worthing) which is in keeping with our lovely building. Vicky has been very easy to work with, and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. Well done Vicky. (Google review)

Paul Jervis

Managing Director, Dome Cinema, Worthing

Revitalising Heritage: The Dome Cinema Worthing’s Branding Journey

Welcome to our in-depth case study showcasing our latest branding triumph at The Dome Cinema Worthing, a project that blends historical sensitivity with modern marketing savvy. Today, we’re excited to reveal how we achieved a cohesive brand identity for this iconic listed building.

First Phase: Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding the unique character of The Dome Cinema was crucial. We initiated the process with a stakeholder workshop involving a cross-section of the cinema’s staff. Their insights were invaluable in shaping a branding strategy that resonates with both employees and patrons.

Navigating Heritage Constraints

As a listed building, The Dome Cinema presented unique challenges, particularly in signage design. Collaborating closely with sign writers, we developed solutions that respected the building’s historical status while conveying the brand’s modern ethos. These were incorporated into the Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines: Empowering Staff with Consistency

A critical aspect of this rebranding was creating comprehensive brand guidelines. These brand guidelines have empowered the staff to create consistent marketing materials, from social media posts to in-house promotions. The result? Your team that confidently communicate The Dome Cinema’s brand in the community and beyond, gaining trust and recognition.

Implementation and Impact

We’re proud to report that the new branding has been seamlessly integrated across various touchpoints. The staff’s enthusiastic adoption of the brand guidelines is a testament to the project’s success, with visible improvements in their marketing and social media engagement.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity

At The Brand Surgery, we understand that each heritage site has a unique story. Our approach with The Dome Cinema Worthing was to honour its rich history while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary brand identity. This case study exemplifies our commitment to blending past and present, creating a branding narrative that is both respectful and forward-thinking.

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