Vision, Mission, Values and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Vision

Better Branding. Better Business. Better Communities. Better World.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy is the conviction that authentic branding transcends mere aesthetics—it’s a catalyst for transformation. We champion the belief that beauty shines from within and understand that a logo, while important, is just the beginning of empowering the communities our businesses serve.

Our Mission

We’re all about making real connections, fostering genuine conversations, and transforming challenges into opportunities for all. This journey of transformation goes beyond mere business growth; it’s about nurturing brands to have a profound and authentic impact on the world and inspire positive change. Our goal? To not just enhance brands, but to set a new example for how businesses can positively shape their communities and the wider world. We believe in working with businesses who want to do more than look good, but be good from the inside out and are ready to make a real difference, step by authentic step.

Our Values

Creativity Unleashed

Creativity isn’t confined to the art department; it infiltrates every strategy, making the mundane magnificent.

Here, an experience isn’t just watched; it’s felt, remembered, and treasured.

Conscious Impact

Inspired by our journey of conscious evolution, we craft logos and visual branding that does more than represent your business brand; they connect and converse with audiences on a deeper level to make a meaningful difference.

Community Connection

We’re committed to creating meaningful connections, empowering individuals, inspiring collective action and making a difference, one community at a time. Read about out our community initiative partnership, Talent Within You and McLaren Automotive.

Continuous Transformation

Our commitment to ongoing learning and development means we’re always in tune, ready to transform your identity in ways that deeply connect, captivate and engage with your audiences, ensuring your business stays ahead in an ever-changing industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
Introducing the Global Goals

We believe that the Global Goals, with their 17 diverse and vital interests, provide a unique opportunity for every business owner to find a cause that resonates deeply with their values and aspirations. At the core of effective branding lies the power of aligning with a purpose that genuinely matters to you. We’re here to help you discover that alignment and infuse it into your brand, creating a story that not only reflects your values but also connects with your audience on a profound level. In a world of endless possibilities, your brand’s purpose, rooted in the Global Goals, can shine as a beacon of positive change, attracting like-minded partners and customers who share your commitment to making a difference. Below are the four sustainable goals that we are working towards.

Our Four Sustainable Goals: Nurturing a Better World.

At The Brand Surgery, our dedication to sustainability is an integral part of our branding philosophy. We view our sustainable goals as a prescription for a healthier planet and society. With a commitment that’s as unwavering as a medical professional’s care, we’re striving to make a difference. Join us on our journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

UN Global Goal 3

Good Health and Well Being

Target 3.4: Empowering Wellness and Mental Health

Empowering Wellness through Branding

At The Brand Surgery, we understand the crucial link between branding and mental well-being. Our mission is to use branding to provide a refuge from the stresses and anxieties of modern life, fostering mental health and overall wellness.

Empowering Teams, Empowering Brands

We’ve experienced firsthand the impact of poor customer service on mental health. This insight has fueled our commitment to help businesses build brands from the inside out. We believe that a brand’s success hinges on the alignment of its team with its core values. Misalignment between employees and the brand’s essence can lead to customer dissatisfaction and, ultimately, harm mental health.

Linking Branding to Good Health

Our work with BOSS CONTROLS, specialists in BMS controls, showcases how a brand can link its products and services to good health and well-being. This reinforces our belief that people are at the heart of brands. Without a harmonious team, there is no brand.


Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

UN Global Goal 5

Gender Equality

Target 5.1: Celebrating Individuality
and Promoting Gender Equality

At The Brand Surgery, we value individuality and uniqueness, striving to celebrate our clients’ authentic identities through branding. We empower individuals to express themselves fully, regardless of societal norms or stereotypes.

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity

Our commitment extends to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the branding landscape. We aim to break free from limiting gender roles and societal constructs in marketing. Collaborating with clients who seek to transcend boundaries, we create branding strategies that resonate with all, celebrating their unique stories.

Goal 5.5: Ensuring Equal Opportunities

We are actively pursuing Goal 5.5—ensuring women’s participation and equal opportunities in leadership. Our efforts include expanding our board of trustees and increasing diversity on the charity board of Worthing Community Chest.

Our dedication to celebrating individuality, promoting gender equality, and fostering inclusivity not only aligns with Goal 5.5 but also fuels diversity and innovation, creating an inclusive environment that propels progress.

Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

UN Global Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Target 11.4: Fostering Sustainability in Cities and Communities

Empowering Sustainable Cities and Communities

At The Brand Surgery, our mission is to empower and inspire individuals and businesses to create lasting positive impacts on their communities. We firmly believe that thriving cities and communities are the heart of any brand’s success.

Celebrating Individuality and Diversity

We are dedicated to fostering environments where individuality is celebrated, and diversity is embraced. Through our branding expertise, we encourage businesses to stand out for all the right reasons, making meaningful contributions to their local communities.

Community Enrichment in Action

Our founder’s work with ‘Talent Within You,’ a program developed to boost the self-esteem of the teenage community in Worthing, exemplifies our commitment to community enrichment. Additionally, our ‘Made by Me by the Sea’ project, which captures the beauty of architectural landmarks, aims to attract investment and draw attention to the preservation of cultural treasures.

Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Cities

By promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable practices in branding, we hope to contribute to the creation of vibrant, sustainable cities and communities where every individual, regardless of gender, can shine brightly through their authentic brands. We are proud to align our values with the goal of creating sustainable and inclusive cities that honor the full spectrum of community life.

Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 14: Life Below Water

UN Global Goal 14

Life Below Water

Target 14.1: Protecting Our Oceans Through Art and Action

Target 14.1 Harmony is our pledge to contribute to the 2025 goal of drastically reducing marine pollution, especially from land-based activities that harm our oceans through debris and nutrient contamination.

A Daily Reminder

My daily reminder of this pressing issue comes from our design studio’s view, which overlooks an overflow outlet into the English Channel. It serves as a constant call to action, motivating me to make a difference.

Community Beach Clean-Ups

In response, I’ve organised community beach clean-ups, uniting individuals in our shared mission to protect our oceans. Additionally, I personally conduct mini clean-ups during every beach walk, knowing that every small effort counts.

Fostering Stewardship Through Art

But our commitment to marine harmony doesn’t stop there. Much of my digital art celebrates the beauty of our coastline, and I have launched a sister brand called Made by Me by the Sea to reflect this, with the aim of fostering a deep sense of stewardship for our precious marine ecosystems.

2024 Workshop: Art, Action, and Education

In 2024, we’re planning a special workshop that will combine art, action, and education to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans and provide practical solutions for a sustainable future.

Protecting Oceans for Generations

Through art, action, and education, we’re dedicated to protecting our oceans for current and future generations.