Masterclass: Vision, Mission, and Values Focus 2-hour

Vision, Mission, and Values Workshop: Building Business Friendships for Life

Transform your small business with our engaging 2-hour workshop. Perfect for small businesses with turnovers up to £1 million, it's your chance to forge lasting relationships with your brand, just like you would with a lifelong friend.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Create Lasting Bonds: Develop a brand that resonates like a trusted friend, ensuring strong, enduring connections with your team and customers.
  • Efficient and Insightful: In just two hours, foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of your brand's identity.
  • Tailored for Small Businesses: Affordable, yet rich in value, perfectly suited for small teams.

What You’ll Achieve:

  • A Unified Vision: Clearly define a future that everyone wants to be a part of.
  • A Purposeful Mission: Create a mission statement that's as compelling as a promise to a friend.
  • Core Values for Life: Establish values that aren't just words, but the foundation of lasting business friendships.
  • Empowered Team: Strengthen your team's bond, fostering collaboration and a shared sense of purpose.

Workshop Details:

  • Ideal for Groups: Up to 20 participants for optimal interaction*
  • Immediate Impact: Noticeable changes in team dynamics and brand perception post-workshop.
  • Cost-Effective: High value at a budget-friendly price.

Why Choose Our Workshop:

We’re experts at turning business concepts into relatable, human experiences. Our workshop isn't just about brand development; it's about building friendships that propel your business forward for a lifetime.

Ready to turn your brand into a lifelong friend? Book your spot today and start building those invaluable business friendships!


Flexible Branding Packages to Fit Every Budget

All branding packages include:

  • A discovery session
  • 6 logo design ideas
  • Amendments
  • Full copyright transfer
  • Print quality logos
Pay a deposit of 3% per item

If you are not ready to order, and would prefer to chat this through. Call our Brand Doctor, Vicky Anne Vaughan, FCIM FIoL on 07909 693172 now.

Photo of natural herbal medicine representing brand nourish workshop which is a workshop to help businesses create meaningful vision, mission and brand values.