Brand Transformer™ goes beyond mere transformation; it embodies our 'Connect, Converse, Convert' ethos for our clients. More than just words, it’s at the heart of what we do, helping businesses and organisations not only reach, but genuinely engage with new audiences to drive meaningful brand growth.

  • Connect: We begin by laying the strategic groundwork with our Vision, Mission, and Values Workshop, turning insights into compelling brand visuals. This is where connection starts—with a brand identity that speaks directly to your audience's needs, values, and desires.
  • Converse: Through Customer Superpower Workshops, we dive deep into the language of your target market. It’s about understanding their inner dialogue, so your brand doesn’t just speak; it converses. Advanced Logo Design ensures your brand's first impression invites dialogue, setting the stage for meaningful engagement.
  • Convert: Our strategy extends beyond aesthetics to how visual branding can be used to segment and captivate different audiences effectively. Assessing and elevating your current branding ensures inclusivity, making every customer feel valued and understood, thus driving conversion. The logo isn’t just a symbol; it’s a narrative device, telling a story that resonates with both current customers and prospects, guiding them from initial contact to loyal advocates.

We don’t stop at the visual. 'Connect, Converse, Convert' is about creating a dynamic, ongoing interaction between your brand and your audience. By assessing current branding and strategising for the future, we ensure your brand is always moving forward, always engaging and always converting. This includes exploring partnership opportunities and new ventures that align with your brand’s vision and mission.

In essence, Brand Transformer™ embodies 'Connect, Converse, Convert.' It’s our method for turning your brand into a beacon for both new and existing audiences, ensuring every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to deepen connections, engage in meaningful conversations, and drive conversions. This is where strategy meets action, where your brand's promise becomes its reality.

Brand Transformer™ Complete Rebrand from £1750

Who benefits from Brand Transformer™? Designed for ambitious businesses and organisations eager to captivate new audiences and propel brand growth. Building on the foundations of the SuperFlex™ Logo Design and Brand Revitaliser™ packages, Brand Transformer™ elevates your strategy to unparalleled heights. It integrates sophisticated marketing psychology and advanced brand strategy for a truly bespoke solution. Treat your brand to the ultimate pampering with our dedicated, intensive care. It’s not just a service—it’s a transformative experience for your brand.

Brand Transform Workshops

Online workshops: Your team, and your customers, will become your heroes. Please read additional notes to see how this works.

1.5 hour recorded workshop - up to 8 people

Vision reset, if you are changing direction, keep your team and customers onboard

Logo design

Logo design + two set of amends included.

Up to five sets of amends (included)

Brand Transformer isn't just a package; it's our promise. Tailored for a discerning audience, it comes with our marketing mastery baked in, including a bespoke brief. We're so in tune, we'll hit the bullseye in fewer moves. Because when we provide the expertise, perfection is not just an aim—it's a given.

Turnaround time

Logo turnaround time from date of client workshop (choose between 5–15 days)

Standard 15 working days (included)

Standard 15 working days (included)

Express 10 working days

Express 10 working days

Logo output formats

How would you like your logo delivered?

Standard 1 x JPG (CMYK colour)

Add RBG PNG version with transparent background

Add CMYK Vector EPS

Spot Colour Vector (upto 3 spots)

Add black & white version

Printed business cards

Printed business cards to promote your rebrand

Matt laminated and double sided

Included: 250 full-colour cards (1 name) standard

250 full colour cards (2 names) standard

250 full colour cards (2 names) standard

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines. You will receive your guidelines via email as a PDF or Powerpoint document, once your logo has been approved. For the full guideline options, go to our BrandFit™ Guidelines package

Including exclusion zones, logo size

Font size, font library

Up to 5 colours

Up to 10 additional colours - see photo in gallery pictures

Only check if you are supplying your own Vision, Mission and Values

Colour psychology page

Social media branded templates

I will design three social media channel branded templates and email them to you

Chose your three most used social media

Get the templates emailed to you. Up to three shapes for each channel. Nine graphics in total.

Additional social media channel - 3 shapes

Additional social media channel - 3 shapes

Upload templates to your social media schedular or agency

Upload templates and brand colours to your social media schedular or agency - if you don't have one, contact me.

Product price: £1,750
Total options:
Order total:
Pay a deposit of 3% per item

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