Website branding

Website branding review

We chose The Brand Surgery to design and build our new website, and we are absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out! It is a true reflection of our brand and completely captures everything we wanted it to and more. Vicky was a pleasure to work with, she was always readily available and went above and beyond to make it the best it can be. We really appreciated her dedication to making sure that the website was not only easy for our visitors to navigate, but also easy to manage on the back-end. We’ve already had a lot of compliments and positive feedback from our members and associates, and we look forward to seeing how this will positively impact our business. Highly recommend!

Annabelle Spencer

Head of Marketing, iese Public Sector Transformation Consultants

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Website branding

Does your website create trust in your business brand?

Six important questions to understand in order to inject personality and brand love into your website:

  1. Do you know who your customer is?
  2. Do you know what their goal is?
  3. What do you want your customer to do?
  4. How do you want your customer to feel about your brand when they visit your website?
  5. How are your headlines guiding and motivating prospective customers to achieve their goal?
  6. What makes your customer like or dislike a website?

Now put yourself in the prospective customer’s shoes and think about the last website you loved.

  1. How did it leave you feeling?
  2. Did you understand and trust the website?
  3. Did you trust the business owner?
  4. Did you know who was behind the scenes?
  5. Did you care who was behind the scenes?
  6. Do you read the vision, mission, and values?
  7. Do you read TrustPilot and Google reviews?

Customer psychology

Everyone has an unconscious checklist when forming a judgement about anything, including people, places, shops, brands and websites. Half the challenge of building a great website is understanding the pscyhology of your customers.

That’s why part of our website service includes customer workshops, to understand their challenges and wish list, which helps us tap into their unconscious and build websites that appeals and motivates them to take the action you desire. We want your customers to feel good and feel they have gained some kind of value.

Website branding

Once we’ve tapped into what your customers want and expect, then we are halfway there. Next, it’s important to Keep your brand consistent (via brand guidelines). This will ensure your customers know where they are, feel safe and are more likely to engage.

This boosts trust in your brand, which will increase the chance of engaging your audience. Using our experience and marketing accreditations, The Brand Surgery design irresistible and trustworthy websites, so people know they are in the right place to do business.

 Why choose The Brand Surgery to create your website

The Brand Surgery is fully accredited to facilitate workshops to get essential insights from a selection of your clients before designing and development take place. I use a blend of marketing psychology, creative design and technology to create a safe and engaging place for your customers to engage. Once all the insights are obtained, your website will be designed and developed, making your customer the hero. This process enables me to write copy using relevant language for your website copy and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Measuring engagement

Your new website will be using an SEO plugin to ensure that it is Google-friendly. That means any new content you write will be ranked positively by Google. Your website will be linked to Google Analytics, so it can be continuously improved. You will understand the most popular website pages.

Training to keep it fresh

We provide training to empower your team to be able to update pages, content, images, products, services and much more. Many of our website clients have commented on how easy it is to update pages on the website. More importantly, we will help your personality shine through your marketing content by creating a marketing content plan with you.

Think speed and security

Now here’s a thing. We know attention spans have fallen from 12 seconds to eight seconds, which is less than a goldfish’s attention span of 8 seconds. The trouble is, design effects and functionality can slow down a website. So is speed or design more important? The good news is that you can have both because our UK based hosting servers will help you give Speedy Gonzales a run for his money.

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WordPress websites

The Brand Surgery designs and develops responsive WordPress websites to superpower your online presence and create that instant attraction with your business brand. We create a seamless customer experience to grow your brand. All websites are W3C compliant.

Superpower your business brand with responsive wordpress website design
SuperFlex customisable logo design package - with business cards

Do you need a new logo for your website?

SuperFlex™ logo design package is a customisable logo design solution which includes a 45-minute consultation, six design concepts and one set of client amends, with options to increase the number of logo amends, select turnaround time, logo formats and brand guideline options.  Shop now >.


Chartered Marketer, Executive Coach and Creative Designer expertise is combined to gain powerful customer insights which will be injected into customer research, website build and content, guaranteed to enhance your brand.  More about accreditations >

Fully accredited branding consultant - chartered marketer - branding coach
Responsive website design to superpower your business and personal brands


How does your brand personality and vision currently shine through your website? How can you keep the right people say on your website for longer? How does your website stand out against your competitors? Let us help you be remembered for the right reasons.

Brand Revitaliser package is for businesses seeking a complete rebrand - How much does a rebrand cost? Create your own bespoke rebrand package

What is Brand Revitaliser™?

Brand Revitaliser™ is a full rebrand solution for businesses keeping the same products, services, and customer profiles. It includes logo design and a customer workshop, business cards and more. You recognise that customers’ challenges and priorities have changed and are open to learning for a future-proofed brand.  Shop now >.

What is Brand Transformer™?

Brand Transformer™ is a full rebrand solution for businesses reaching out to a new audience. You may also have new products and services, and customer profiles. This customisable solution will help you articulate the right message to your existing audience and a new audience without become bland.  Shop now >.

Brand Transform™ is for businesses who wish to reach out and target a new audience for brand growth. Includes brand strategy, logo design and more.
Website hosting to grow your business brand and personal brand


We provide UK based speedy website hosting with 99% uptime and regular backups. This is ultimately important because if you make an error on your website content, we can restore your website to a previous version – giving you the confidence to keep your website fresh and live to businesses globally, 24/7.

Website portfolio

Boss Controls

Information website with carousel functionality to showcase services, without scrolling. Boss Controls is the umbrella brand, and there are three sub-brands, offering different services, which we also created. We also offer  ‘hands-on’ marketing for Boss Controls.

Chesterman Homes

Chesterman Homes is a property development company and The Brand Surgery designed the logo and website. We used partnership marketing to create a brand personality.

Brand launch event for Boss Controls - BMS controls and energy management business helping clients achieve Net Zero
Charity Strategist website design for Jean Barclay


We designed the logo and the website for Jean Barclay. We used colours of her logo throughout her website. We also provided coaching to boost Jean’s personal brand.


We had a free brief for this website, apart from keeping to the corporate guidelines and making it easy for the team to keep the website updated with fresh content. See our short movie sharing website functionality and ideas.

Website design and branding for business setup - property developer


We designed the logo and the website for Jean Barclay. We used colours of her logo throughout her website. We also provided coaching to boost Jean’s personal brand.