Creative design for digital and offline



We have over 30 years experience in creating stunning designs for digital and offline.

Whether you require a brand refresh, or a new website, call us today on 01903 898977 to discuss bringing your business up to date. 



Creative design including corporate identity, logo design, website design, brochure design and more …

Our award-winning design and marketing team are experts in creating online and offline marketing promotions that gains trust so that your website visitors and brochure recipients know they are in the right place and want to do business with you. Call us today on 01903 824229 for further information.

Corporate identity and logo design

“All organisations have an identity, it is just that some organisations chose to manage their identities, and some do not”
(Bernstein, 1984).

Which kind of company are you? Your corporate identity and branding should communicate what your organisation does and how it does it.

The visual element of corporate identity and branding, colour schemes and the overall appearance of all aspects associated with the company including letterhead design, business card design, logos,signage.

We have 20 years of corporate identity, branding and rebranding expertise and colour psychology – so if your business branding is looking tired or you need advice, contact us today.

Website design and online branding

We create stunning website designs guaranteed to engage with your target audience because our strategic marketing expertise means we understand how to engage with profitable customers. Combine this expertise with our website development and keyword search optimisation services (SEO) skills and you can be sure that your website wiil be successful and be found easily.

Our website portfolio includes e-commerce websites, WordPress parallax websites, database driven websites and static information websites and SEO expertise, website refreshers, online copywriting, key word/phrase expertise and blog posting. Contact us today for advice on a new website or if you would like help getting your website higher on Google.

Brochure, leaflet and advert design

“Trade Show attendees were recently ask to rate the value of the brochures handed out to them. 87% of the brochures were rated as inadequate to their needs.”
Chartered Institute of Marketing.

So if you are reading this, perhaps your business brochure is not working for you? The good news is that we do more than design brochures: we are qualified to advise on marketing your business therefore the contents will stimulate a positive reaction. We can also turn your printed brochure into an e-brochure which you can send to clients. You know that when you work with The Brand Surgery, your brochure will meet your objectives.

Contact us today for advice on copywriting, brochure marketing and design needs.


Bus livery design and branding

Have you seen the Coastliner700 buses cruising along the coast between Brighton and Portsmouth? Yes? We designed and illustrated the bus graphics in 2010 and are proud when we see our fleet of 40 buses!

If your business needs to update its van, car or exhibition graphics, we have have excellent experience in design graphics of all sizes. See our taxi graphics, bus graphics, van graphics and exhibition graphics for large PLC businesses like Stagecoach South and Suzuki GB PLC to SME companies. Whether you are after a vehicle wrap, simple vinyl lettering, shop signage, retail display, roll-up banners, or pop up displays, contact us today for advice on your large-format graphics


Take part in our RoI challenge


We challenge you to grab a copy of all your brochures, leaflets, adverts, a print out of your website.

  • Write down the reaction you were hoping for when your client received the communication.
  • Are you 100% satisfied that the reaction you set out to achieve was fulfilled?
  • Describe the response rate / feedback from each of the items you sent out.
  • Calculate the cost of each item including copy, design, print, postage against sales generated.
  • Describe how that makes you feel.

Not only do we create stunning designs, we also have Chartered Marketer expertise in-house so we understand how to create the right kind of reaction. Every time.

Don’t just take our word for it – read our customer reviews.