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Case study: Restaurant Branding (Hospitality)


Casa Ciro, Worthing

Project name:

Restaurant Rebrand
SuperFlex™  Logo Design Package

Project objectives:

  1. Create a logo, capturing the essence of a newly refurbished restaurant
  2. Position the restaurant as a family run restaurant with traditional Italian food
891x891px photo Logo and menu design as part of Casa Ciro Italian restaurant rebrand891x891px photo Logo and menu design as part of Casa Ciro Italian restaurant rebrand

Case Study: Restaurant Rebrand

Sector: Hospitality
Client: Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant, Worthing, UK
Project: SuperFlex Logo Design
Year: 2005


Casa Ciro, an established Italian restaurant on Worthing seafront, has been delighting diners for nearly 20 years. Known for true value for money, Casa Ciro’s owner invested in a professional rebrand in 2005. This strategic move, supported by the owner’s vision and passion, not only kept the brand fresh but also enabled him to enjoy early retirement, selling a thriving business.


Understanding the Market and Seizing Opportunities

In December 2005, Casa Ciro sought to revitalise its identity to match its refurbishment. At Casa Ciro, the ingredients do the talking and they have impressive daily specials based on the best seasonal and local produce. With a solid grasp of the restaurant industry, we aimed to create a timeless logo that resonated with customers and showcased the restaurant’s commitment to quality and value.


Crafting a Resonant Narrative

We presented six logo concepts, reflecting the restaurant’s essence. Experimenting with earthy tones and modern fonts, we designed a logo featuring wiggly lines symbolising both the nearby waves and spaghetti, encapsulating Casa Ciro’s coastal and culinary spirit.

The new design marked a complete shift from the original, perfectly aligning with Ciro’s vision. This fresh, modern look communicated the restaurant’s renewed energy and dedication to excellence.


Delivering Tangible Results

Nearly two decades later, the logo still looks fresh and modern. This enduring appeal proves the rebrand’s success. The updated image has garnered many compliments, maintaining Casa Ciro’s popularity and enhancing its reputation.

The rebrand significantly contributed to the business’s success, enabling Ciro to retire early and sell a thriving restaurant. This underscores the value of investing in professional logo design and a strong, vision-driven brand.

Guest Experience: Casa Ciro continues to offer top-quality food and a superb dining experience, with a sleek, modern feel that customers love. Located at 30/31 Marine Parade, Worthing, it remains a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike.

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Casa Ciro is a well-established and very popular Italian restaurant on the Worthing seafront. To coincide with our refurbishment and new colour scheme, we realised we needed to update our existing branding and logo. The Brand Surgery did its research and came up with its design on time and within budget. Our business image has a really sleek feel, and we have received many compliments—as well as being very happy with it ourselves. If your business needs an injection of life, we would not hesitate in recommending The Brand Surgery

Ciro de Silvo

Restaurant Owner (Retired), Casa Ciro Restaurant, Worthing

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