We are very proud of our client, Chesterman Homes. They have completely embraced our brand trust advice and integrated their Corporate Social Media (CSR) strategy and Core Values into everything they do.

The team at Chesterman Homes is working hard to reverse the decline in hedgehogs. They are making hedgehog friendly gardens by making hedgehog sized hole in fences and placing hedgehog boxes into every garden where they renovate a property. Hedgehogs can walk six miles in one night in search of a mate, and we are helping them on their mission. 

This authenticity helps to enhance brand trust, so homeowners are more likely to choose Chesterman Homes over another property developer who has no niche or brand trust. Of course Chesterman Homes must also demonstrate their expertise in building homes (brand authority) via their website and customer service. 

If businesses are not trusted, then they are wasting their marketing budgets by amplifying mistrust.  To create brand trust, businesses and their leaders must be authentic, be authoritative and be agile. We developed the Chesterman Homes’ brand strategy and their website to do just this. Their agility shines throughout, Chesterman Homes has tapped into an emerging market – with pressure on the UK to build more houses, Chesterman Homes’ is reaching out to homeowners who may have a large back garden which is difficult to maintain, or a side access to their property which is screaming out for a new home to be built. You can see some of the exciting properties that our client has completed and how they are implementing the 4A Brand Trust Tool™.

To see how to create brand trust, download our 4A Brand Trust Tool today. If you amplify mistrust, the whole world will know. You only need to think about the recent data security breaches; if these businesses had embraced security into their brand values, the whole team would understand the message and data breaches are less likely to happen. 

It is also very important to consider whether the sector your business serves is trusted; if your sector is trusted, your business is more likely to be trusted. The least trusted sector is journalism. Trust in the charity sector has also reduced by 6% this year to only 54% (Charity Times).

Did you know that 53% of Britons can’t identify between fake news and real news. Trust in social media is declining which is why it important to articulate brand trust at every customer touch point.

If your business is not trusted, your potential customers will shop where they feel safer to do business. Call us today on 01903 898977 to discuss increasing the level of trust in your brand.

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