Website design – Proto Restaurant Group

The challenge

We have been working with Proto Restaurant Group since 2005 and during that time it has grown from 1 to four restaurants. We are proud to be part of its success.

In 2014, our client required a website that would link all four restaurants which have three completely different themes: a brand new greek taverna, a fine dining restaurant and a superb fish restaurant. Our challenge was to create a website for the restaurant group that would showcase the individual themes yet be part of a group.

The solution

We designed four different WordPress themes for Proto Restaurant Group which are easy-to-navigate with a full CMS admin system. The website has a home page which has a series of graphic buttons where the user can choose which restaurant he wishes.

  • The Fat Greek Taverna is the brand new restaurant and we also designed the logo and branding for this restaurant.
  • Food Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant so we created a theme to reflect this, using elements of the restaurant decor on the website.
  • The Fish Factory restaurant website reflects the theme of the actual restaurant.
  • Throughout the three websites we have used some generic graphics such as ‘Join the Team’ and ‘Awards’.

We also created the streamlines – Love Fish Love Proto  and Love Food Love Proto.

It is important that the website reflects the internal aspects of the restaurant so that customers have a seamless experience. Creating an experience is a vital element of marketing – we work hard to create this within all our cutomers’ website designs.

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The Brand Surgery created our website and e-marketing/e-newsletter campaigns, growing our customer database to over 4000. This has significantly increased our sales and has helped us to grow from two to four restaurants. Our website has an admin (CMS) system which allows us to update it ourselves and keep our marketing costs to a minimum. The Brand Surgery’s combination of creative design and marketing skills are essential for attracting the right kind of customer.

Andrew Sparsis

Managing Director, Proto Restaurant Group