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Marketing and BID renewal Business plan for Lancing Business Park

The challenge

Businesses on at Lancing Business Park want to present their factory and surroundings in the best possible light to existing and prospective customers, maintain a safe, secure environment for our staff and generate local commercial opportunities.

With Government cuts to local authority funding, many industrial estates and town centres saw traditional service providers (local and county councils) reducing services. Renewing the BID is an opportunity to join like minded people who care about the work place.

The solution

The BID has been in place for five years and in order to gain another YES vote, it was essential to communicate the positive work that had been achieved under the five headings: Clean Up, Safe, Access, Connect, Greater Voice. The message was quite clearly: “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”.

The BID Renewal Business Plan was presented as an online brochure design to save on printing costs. We used our creative design skills to We used before and after photos showing the state of the roads before the BID five years ago.