Using food intolerances to help restaurant marketing

    "Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely benefited me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria's executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors."

    Gordon Frost

    Operations Director, Stagecoach South

    Executive Coaching for Stagecoach South

    The Challenge

    Executive coaching sessions focused on time management, communicating change and inspiring teams which are common with most coachees.

    The Solution

    With leaders having to do more with less, staff are working harder and it can be difficult to keep them motivated, especially if you are communicating change. There is much more to motivation than money. Harvard Business Review states: “… for every standard deviation increase in reward, intrinsic motivation for interesting tasks decreases by about 25%. When rewards are tangible and foreseeable (if subjects know in advance how much extra money they will receive) intrinsic motivation decreases by 36%.”

    From our coaching sessions, powerful questioning helped the coachee to formulate a strategy to communicate the effect of some budget cuts; in effect, front line workers were becoming their own customer service department. Some months later, I enquired how the transition had progressed. The coachee was extremely happy because the staff has embraced the idea – it’s all in the communication – which is where executive coaching can help you to deliver.