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Case study: Logo Design and Brand Guidelines in the Heritage and Hospitality Sector


Majestic Cinema, King’s Lynn, West Norfolk

Project name:

Majestic Cinema Visual Brand Refresh: New Logo Design

Logo objectives:

  1. Part of a Brand Refresh
  2. Celebrate the building’s iconic architecture

We met Vicky from Brand Surgery last year. In that time she has created a wonderful logo for The Dome Cinema (Worthing) and Majestic Cinema in King’s Lynn, which are in keeping with our lovely buildings. Vicky has been very easy to work with, and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. Well done Vicky. (Google review)

Paul Jervis

Managing Director, Dome Cinema, Worthing

Refining Elegance: Majestic Cinema’s Logo Transformation with The Brand Surgery’s SuperFlex Package

Embark on the story of Majestic Cinema’s brand evolution, where The Brand Surgery’s SuperFlex Logo Design Package played a pivotal role. This case study highlights how we revitalised a historic cinema brand, infusing it with contemporary flair while honouring its past.

Understanding the Majestic’s Heritage

The journey began with an in-depth exploration of Majestic Cinema’s historical significance. Appreciating its role in the community was crucial in developing a branding strategy that resonated with a broad audience while preserving its heritage.

SuperFlex Approach: Versatility in Design

Utilizing our SuperFlex Logo Design Package, we embarked on creating a logo that encapsulated the Majestic Cinema’s unique character. This package provided the flexibility needed to explore various design avenues, ensuring the final logo perfectly reflected the cinema’s essence.

Crafting the Logo: A Fusion of Past and Presentds

Our goal was to create a visual identity that mirrored the cinema’s architectural relevance. The SuperFlex Logo Design package allowed us to iterate and refine the design, blending classic motifs with a modern aesthetic. The result was a logo that celebrated the cinema’s legacy and appealed to today’s cinemagoers.

Brand Consistency and Team Empowerment

An integral part of this transformation was ensuring brand consistency across all mediums. The SuperFlex package facilitated multiple rounds of amends, allowing us to perfect the design. We provided the cinema staff with comprehensive brand guidelines, empowering them to maintain this consistency in their marketing efforts.

Conclusion: Majestic Cinema’s New Chapter

The Majestic Cinema’s refreshed logo marks the beginning of a new era. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our SuperFlex logo design package in revitalizing heritage brands. The cinema now boasts a brand identity that is both reflective of its rich history and attuned to current trends.

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