Blogging Services from The Brand Surgery

Blogging Services from The Brand Surgery

What’s all this blogging about?

We love blogging! It’s the best way, in our opinion, of getting your website noticed and improving search engine optimisation (SEO). Ever since we’ve been blogging, The Brand Surgery appears at the top of Google for ‘Branding Agency Sussex‘ and that’s for the last two years. We disguise our ‘blog‘ as ‘news’. Blogging is also the best way of keeping people coming back for more repeat visits. It’s also a great way to build up a relationship with your customers online.

It’s really simple. All you have to do is think of an interesting story incorporating keywords relevant to your industry, and then perform a little linking magic.

So why don’t you all do it? Perhaps it’s because you don’t have time and everything else seems more important …

That’s where we come in. We arrange a meeting with you to establish who your prospective customers are (because we can do that as we are marketeers too – members of Chartered Institute of Marketing), then we spend time researching your customers and your competitors. When this is done we look at stories relating to your industry and include specific keywords within these stories. Sounds simple? It is when we do it. And it works. All of the customers we create blog posts for are page one in Google for their chosen keywords.

The best part is that blogging is far more affordable than traditional SEO. With our blogging service, you are paying hundreds per month. Not thousands. We charge from £65 (ex VAT) per blog post which includes writing the post, including the keywords and links. All we ask of you is to give us the subject title of the story and the products you want to focus on. We also offer a service where we can create the subjects and even set up a blog facility on your website if you don’t already have one. Call us on 01903 824229 to discuss.

If you haven’t blogged in a while or have never started blogging, it is best to do two a week to kick-start your website presence. So we have created a special offer for first-time bloggers.


Two blog postings per week @ £65 (ex VAT) per week when you book two months in advance. eg. 4 WEEKS = £260 (ex VAT). 8 WEEKS = £520 (ex VAT). This is a MASSIVE saving of £520 (ex VAT) ONE MONTH FREE! A single blog posting usually costs £65 (ex VAT).

After two months, if you like our service, we will continue to give you a 10% discount off our standard blog posting for the next ten months.

Terms and conditions do apply – we are very fair! We can provide these upon request. We can show you case studies upon request.

Either email us or call us on 01903 824229 to take advantage of our offer.

Terms and Conditions: This offer only applies to new blog posting customers. Blogs length and content does not include industry technical language unless supplied by you. You must follow our advice on legal and copyright matters.