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Case study: Rebrand including brand positioning, charity sector.


England and Wales Blind Golf

Project name:

Rebrand including brand positioning strategy for England and Wales Blind Golf.

Rebrand objectives:

Grow the charity by attracting:

  1. New blind golfers
  2. New golfing guides and partners for blind golfers
  3. Raise corporate sponsorship

I have had the pleasure if working with Vicky and The Brand Surgery over the past year. The work we have done together has played a major part in England & Wales Blind Golf’s charity raising its awareness on a national and international level. I would highly recommend The Brand Surgery and have passed their details to more of my business clients.

Andy Gilford

Captain, England and Wales Blind Golf

Case Study: Rebranding England and Wales Blind Golf

Client: England and Wales Blind Golf
Industry: Non-Profit / Sports
Services Provided: Logo Transformation, Brand Strategy, Marketing Material Design
Website: England and Wales Blind Golf

Background: England and Wales Blind Golf, a cherished charity dedicated to supporting blind golfers, approached The Brand Surgery to rebrand their charity, opting for our Brand Transformer package. The objective was to not only refresh their logo but also to enhance their overall brand positioning to appeal to a wider audience including golfing partner guides, blind golfers, and corporate sponsors.

Challenge: The main challenge was to subtly yet significantly transform the existing logo in a way that resonated with the charity’s diverse stakeholders. Additionally, the creation of distinctive marketing materials that were both visually appealing and accessible to the visually sighted community was paramount.


Logo Transformation: We started with the logo, introducing new colours to signify different aspects of the charity:

  • 🟢 Green for corporate sponsors and donors.
  • 🔴 Red to attract guides for blind golfers.
  • 🔵 Blue to encourage blind golfers to join.

This colour-coded approach was not only visually striking, but also carried strategic significance:

  1. Strategic Brand Positioning: We developed three targeted marketing campaigns with distinct brochures for each group. These were designed to be visually distinguishable and functional, ensuring ease of use for all members of the community.

  2. Inclusive Design Approach: Recognising the needs of the visually sighted audience, we ensured that each design element was easily identifiable and stood out, making the brochures as user-friendly as possible.

Outcome: The rebranding of England and Wales Blind Golf was met with great enthusiasm. The new logo perfectly encapsulated the charity’s spirit, while the colour-coded brochures effectively reached and engaged each target group. This strategic rebrand has not only refreshed the visual identity of the charity but also strengthened its position in attracting new members, guides, and sponsors.

Hopefully, you can see the added value behind a triple branding approach like we offer to ensure Connect > Converse > Convert your brand!

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