Successful Target Practice

Successful Target Practice

  • Do you know if your product or service is still applicable to your target market?
  • Has your target market changed since the recession?
  • Has your target market changed since global warming?

If your business has been trading for a number of years, your previous target market has probably aged somewhat. Have you thought whether your company literature and wording is still attractive to your faithful loyal customers, who are in fact, still your target market?

We have two words to say to you. Silver Surfers. They may not have been silver when you first did business, but they are now. The 45+ age group is classed as the new teenager. As people are getting older, they are acting younger. These days, some men don’t get their mid life crisis until they are 60!

People change as they get older, so you need to adapt your product or service marketing so it is attractive. One of the biggest marketing mistakes is that businesses have just two lists: Existing customers and potential customers. Forget new business for one minute. Just take some time to think about your existing customers. Surely they deserve some TLC?

Why not categorise your existing customers into sub-lists? How long they have stayed loyal to you? How old are they? What sex are they? Why not send them a bespoke or personalised campaign, to make them feel special and to thank them for their business to date?

We have lots more ideas on how to make your target market feel really special, which in turn will help you to boost sales and beat the recession.

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