Tony Hedger from First Friday Club receives bottle of our Bubbly

Tony Hedger from First Friday Club receives bottle of our Bubbly

We were recently invited to give a talk at the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce Chamber Chat evening. Vicky spoke about the importance of brand promise and the 40 attendees got an inside glimpse into Vicky Vaughan’s new book which is all about marketing your business and delivering what you promise. The book is called Brand and Deliver, which is out very soon.

One of the chapters in Vicky’s new book is about creating the right emotion for your clients. For example, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range have created upmarket packaging for their high-end food products. If you were to open a Taste the Difference packet and discover inferior food, you would be disappointed and probably wouldn’t buy that brand of food again.

Similarly, if your business promises to deliver something within a certain time, you need to ensure that you surpass that expectation. For example, if you promise to deliver within 7 days – you should deliver within 5 days instead. Guaranteed happy customer, so long as the product is as promised.

All seminars given by The Brand Surgery® come with a twist, as well as offering excellent advice for Chamber members. We always have a draw prize. This time we offered a ‘bottle of bubbly’. The lucky winner was Tony Hedger from the well-known First Friday clubs. Imagine Tony’s surprise when he opened the packaging and found a bottle of Babedas bubble bath! We believe that Tony’s wife was very happy though 🙂

This goes to prove that if you promise something to your customers, don’t ruin their expectations!

If you know of any networking events where a talker is required, please give Vicky a call on 01903 824229.