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The Air Comfort Centre

The Air Comfort Centre

We are proud to announce the birth of the Air Comfort Centre. We love a happy story to come out of the doom and gloom; so a happy story is what we’ve created.

Meet Mike Higginson. Mike is the director of the Air Comfort Centre in Worthing, West Sussex. What makes Mike’ story so special is that he was made redundant in December last year. However, he didn’t sit and grumble, or feel sorry for himself. Instead, he put the plans in place to set up his own business, and what better industry to set up in … One that Mike knows very well – the AIR industry. His next brilliant move was to take a trip to our surgery, full of brand doctors and nurses. And alas! A star was born …

Now our brief was … “We want you to make air conditioning cute!”. Plus Mike does have a obsession with polar bears (don’t ask), so the two went hand-in-hand. We added some orange, to give an all-round warmer, cuter feeling . Mike had the great idea of affiliating with Polar Bears International, and the World Wildlife Fund.

The Air Comfort Centre specialises in:

• Air conditioners
• Air purifiers
• Ceiling fans
• Dehumidifiers
• Evaporation coolers
• Fans
• Fan heaters
• Panel heaters
• Patio heaters
• Storage heaters
• Workshop heaters
• Humidifiers
• Insect killers
• Ozone generators
• Spares: vacuum cleaners, water filters, weather stations, and even illuminated garden knomes!

The Brand Surgery designed the logo, the corporate identity templates, the stationery, signage and web banner. Unfortunately, Mike was already tied into an Indian web company before we could get in. Tsssk. We have heard that the money you save in hiring these companies, does end up in timely frustration with language barriers – even if you do have an English middle-man. So our advice is think carefully before you invest in long-term ‘solutions’ with language barriers.

If you have been made redundant, then don’t despair. Most millionaires come out of recessions! Think about setting up a business, and then take a trip to our surgery, where our brand doctors and nurses will ensure your business remains in a healthy state. Call Vicky on 01903 824229 for a friendly no-obligation chat! Or contact us on our CONTACT US (top left-hand grey tab).

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