Chartered Marketing Consultancy proving to be a hit

Chartered Marketing Consultancy proving to be a hit

We are proud to boast a regular chartered marketing consultancy arrangement with many clients, three of whom are mentioned below. One is a not-for-profit government organisation, one is a local charity and last but by no means least, is an international kitchen and bathroom manufacturer. We will let our client’s do the talking …

Not-for-Profit organisation – Client: iESE

“iESE are evolving from a government funded organisation to a not-for-profit limited company. The economic climate is good for us as we help local authorities to save money. However, we needed to let more local authorities know about our good work so we hired Vicky from The Brand Surgery to help us do this. Vicky came highly recommended by one of our local authority customers, so we knew that she not only understood marketing but she understood our audience too. Vicky audited our core marketing activities which has highlighted that we didn’t promote our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or our skills to their full potential. Vicky also suggested some great ways to improve the impact of our communication by segmenting our target audience which will greatly improve our communication to potential customers. We are looking forward to our next marketing consultation with Vicky as she will be focusing on our product range and helping us to integrate our brand values within our marketing communications”.

Chief Executive, iESE.

A local charity – Client: Worthing and Arun Mind

“During our time with The Brand Surgery, we have developed a good working relationship with Vicky who has quickly understood our needs. Her friendly and can-do attitude has made me feel completely at ease and that we are in capable hands. These consultations have been invaluable, leaving us feeling empowered and confident to put her advice into action – despite us not having a technical background!

Worthing and Arun Mind

An international kitchen and bathroom manufacturer – Client: Manhattan Furniture

We asked Vicky to create a marketing plan as we were considering launching a new product. Vicky showed us this was a good decision based on our current skills, resources and economic climate. She then chose a segment with the same values for us to target as which gave us a competitive advantage. Our KPIs and supply chain were then prioritised and evolved which made us more efficient in the short and long term. This has covered the cost of the marketing plan and has also been reinvested into the launch of the new product. Vicky’s approach has saved us money, as well as helped us to diversify and grow. We would recommend her marketing services to any business that is serious about growing.

Executive Chairman, Manhattan Furniture

Vicky is now working several days a week with Manhattan Furniture as their Marketing Manager. She has already accumulated vast knowledge of sustainable practices including assisting clients to exceed BREEAM and the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes schemes’ criteria. Plus she has been handling Key Account Management.

If your business needs the edge, you must invest in qualified marketing expertise, so call Vicky today on 01903 824229. Vicky is a Chartered Marketer and Managing Director of The Brand Surgery, creative chartered marketing and branding consultancy.