How would you feel if someone stole your logo idea? Would you feel flattered or angry? You can’t stop businesses from copying your logo but you can stop them from using it, by registering your trademark or logo with the Intellectual Property Office.

Where do you start?

We have created a short presentation (below) because we are  frequently being asked how one goes about registering their logo. We registered our logo because as the number one branding agency in Sussex, we know the importance of protection.

We meet many business set-ups who think that registering their logo is a five minute process, when in fact, registering a logo and/or trademark is a four-six month process, whether you decide to register it yourself, or you decide to use a trade mark lawyer. How do you know whether to use a trade mark lawyer or not? Simple. Watch our short presentation and you will find out.

Design and protect your logo from plagiarism

Imagine you’ve been brainstorming for months, created a slick new logo and website, only to find out another business has previously registered your chosen name. Our presentation  shows you how to prevent this happening and how to protect your logo and/or trademark from plagiarism.

The Brand Surgery works in partnership with a dedicated trade mark lawyer because we know that your logo is one of your most precious business assets.  Call us on 01903 824229 for an information discussion on how to protect your logo or trade mark.

We listen to you. We design for you. We protect you.