Shark-El-Sheik E-shot design by The Brand Surgery

Shark El Sheikh rebranded by The Brand Surgery, and once known as Sharm El Sheikh, once had the international reputation as one of the world’s most fabulous diving destinations in the Red Sea, Egypt. Then the shark attacks happened.

In my book, Do A Madonna, I advise business owners to perform a SWOT and PEST analysis of their business branding. I wonder if the Egyptian tourist board ever forecasted a shark attack and how this may of affected their business branding? When you think of Egypt – do you think of the pyramids or the shark attacks? We all know that a brand is a memory. Click here to read more on this subject.

Another subject I mention in my book is making the most of events and seasonal branding. We all know that the VAT rate rises to 20% in January. Most business start-up owners we meet are not VAT registered and therefore can’t claim this back. Therefore we are offering non-VAT businesses a special incentive.

Shark-El-Sheikh Offer 1: Book your logo design before Christmas and we will knock £100 off our business start up rate. Our normal start-up rate for business branding (logo design) is £595.Special offer £495. This includes our unique research methods which you won’t find elsewhere. Not only will you save £100 – you will benefit for the lower VAT rate.

For all those VAT registered  businesses – we guessed VAT won’t affect you, so we have another offer …

Shark-El-Sheikh Offer 2: As an introductory offer, we are offering our Facebook business page branding for 50% of our normal price. To see an example of this, click here. A page like this, including the presentation would cost £1100. You can have a page like this for £550. Call us for further information.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Shark-El-Sheik offer. For more inspiring ideas from Sussex’s No 1 award-winning Branding agency, call 01903 824229.