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make my logo bigger!

Well what a week its been! What about the 15% VAT announcement? So, will the change be good or bad for you? We’ve been hearing from concerned businesses shouting obscenities from the rooftops because they will have to reprint their brochures. If that is something that your business will need to do, then why not take advantage of updating your brochure at the same time? We have some good news for you. The Brand Surgery are offering RECESSION STRESS BUSTER packages, to sooth stressed-out wallets, so if you do need to have a reprint, give us a call on 01903 824229.

We’ve been really busy this week. We experienced the budget airline, Flybe on Monday, when we flew to Newcastle for a meeting. We have to say how pleasant our trip was. Good branding. Well done Flybe! You would never know this was a budget airline. Well it was budget before the Government taxes were added to the price. Don’t get me started!

We’ve been extremely busy working on websites, brochures, adverts and exhibition graphics this week. That means we are doing weekend research! Whilst researching, we have just stumbled across an extremely funny YouTube video: Make my logo bigger!

This movie is great viewing for people who are fed up with their creative agency bullying them! You can see the wonders of:

‘Make my Logo Bigger’ cream
‘White Space’ Eliminator
• ‘Starburst‘ Dust

If you don’t believe in lotions and potions, do not fear. Our surgery of brand doctors have MIRACLE CURES for you and we promise that we WORK WITH YOU to create eye-catching and effective designs to INCREASE YOUR SALES.

Call Vicky NOW on 01903 824229 to find out how we can help you stretch your budget and beat the recession!