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BID brochure design for Worthing Town Centre Initiative 2018-2023. We created the visual identity and logo for VOTE YES and THE BID which appears on every page.

BID Business Plan for Worthing Town Centre Initiative – Design and Marketing

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have been operating across the UK for over a decade and there are over 270 BIDs established around in the UK.

Worthing was one of the first towns in this part of the world to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2007. Every five years the businesses are balloted to see whether they wish to continue with the BID. During this process priorities are set out for what the BID Steering Group believe they can do to improve the attractiveness and marketability of the town with a view to increasing the general level of business. Worthing faces competition from other town centres, out of town retail parks and, of course, the internet, therefore, it is important to work together to make sure our town centre is clean, safe and welcoming.

Is your town or business park becoming a BID or preparing for a re-ballot?

If your town is becoming a BID or is organising a re-ballot, then give us a call. We have been developing BID business plans for town centres and business parks for over ten years and all our documents so far have been successful in achieving a YES VOTE.

Our FCIM marketing expertise combined with creative design ensures that the key points in persuading businesses to VOTE YES, are highlighted in your brochure. Think of The Brand Surgery® as your external marketing experts – if you would like hand with preparing copy and content, we can help with this, or just the design.

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