talent within you

Talent Within You

The Brand Surgery have launched Talent Within You. Mike Pisko and Vicky Vaughan have joined forces and are raising sponsorship for young hopefuls. Talent Within You is a brand spanking new idea which will help change the lives of young people across Britain. After years of watching depressing news stories on antisocial behaviour and street crime,we had a brainwave after watching Britain’s Got Talent. “We believe that everybody has a talent within them and it is only a matter of finding it. Talent Within You has been launched to help discover that special something – whatever it may be. We can help and encourage children and their parents to unleash that talent.

The organisation,Talent Within You, has been set up to provide help, support and sponsorship for children to take their talent to the next level, and we are starting now! Our first hopeful is Jack Ford who is a lively, young teenager from Worthing. He used to spend most of his free time in front of the TV playing computer games, until one day something changed his life forever. It was his sister’s birthday and the family went ice skating. Jack didn’t want to go, but had no choice in the matter. After five minutes on the ice there was no stopping him as he had found his talent. Unknown to Jack, watching in the wings was four times World and European figure skater champion, Dianne Towler. Dianne spotted Jack’s raw talent and is now coaching him. Jack could potentially become the British champion this year, and the ultimate aim is to win gold at the 2014 Winter Olympic games.

Judith is an Inspiration to all parents

Vicky met Jack’s mother, Judith, last year and discovered how dedicated she was in helping Jack achieve his dreams. Judith took Jack ice training to Guildford Spectrum each day at 5am and Vicky thought that Judith was an inspiration to other parents. Talent Within You is dedicated to help Jack fulfil his potential and raise his profile.

With our help, Jack is opening the annual Worthing ice skating rink on 30th January at 11am with an exclusive ice dance routine to show the people of Worthing his special talent. The ice rink has been organised and financed by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative in Partnership with Worthing Borough Council. Talent Within You have also organised Todd Carty to open the ice rink, skate with Jack and to launch Talent Within You, and helping Jack by opening the show.

Local businesses – Jack and others need your help

This is a great opportunity for local businesses and the public to help with the career of an up-and-coming young star from Worthing. We need help in the form of sponsorship and donations in order to help Jack and others like Jack and their training and development. For full details on how you can help, please email info@talentwithinyou.org. If you know any children with talent that need our help, please feel free to contact us at info@talentwithinyou.org or visit the Talent Within You website.

Brand New CMS bespoke website for Talent Within You

The Brand Surgery have designed the Talent Within You brand image including the logo and the temporary website page. We are in the process of building a brand new CMS website for Talent Within You. We have also created the press releases, and organised bringing Todd on board. If you would like to launch a company, product or service. Give us a call on 01903 824230.

Jack Ford with Pru and dali

Jack Ford with Pru and dali