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Worthing Idol 2010

Worthing Idol 2010Worthing Idol 2010 - Only 36 places available.

A brand new talent show in the style of Britain’s Got Talent is coming to Worthing soon! Talent Within You are launching Worthing Idol 2010 which takes place on August Bank Holiday, 30th August 2010 in South Street, Worthing (just down the steps from the Guildbourne Centre).

Talent Within You helps children and young adults to develop their talent and to take it to the next level by raising funds from local businesses. You may remember Jack Ford, Olympic hopeful who with the help of Talent Within You, danced with Todd Carty on Worthing’s annual ice rink in January. Worthing Town Centre Initiative have kindly funded Worthing Idol 2010 which takes place from 12pm to 3pm, with prize-giving from 3.30pm.

This talent competition is open to anybody up to the age of 18. Talents can range from singing, dancing, magic, comedy. Anything that will entertain the audience! All contestants will receive a Worthing Idol 2010 medal, and the main winner will receive £250 towards taking their talent to the next level. Terms and conditions do apply to the prize money.


The judges are three well-known local Wor-lebrities: No Simon Cowell to be seen anywhere!

  • Tim Loughton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families
  • Amelia Regnante, Regnante School of Performing Arts
  • Andy Sparsis, Proto Restaurant Group

Contestants need to book soon as there are on 36 places available. The stage is covered in case of bad weather, and will be 12’ x 16’, so small groups are allowed.

Download an application form from the website: www.talentwithinyou.org.uk.

Talent Within You is the idea of Vicky Vaughan who wanted to reduce street crime and violence by giving kids a purpose in life. The Brand Surgery has designed the logo, the website and all the promotional material for Talent Within You. We have also worked on all the PR. We are working hard to make Talent Within You a registered charity and we need £5000 in total to do this. Once we are a charity, we can apply for grants and help more children develop their talent. Please help us by fundraising, so we can help more children and make the streets of Britain a safer place to live, work and play.

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