The Brand Surgery aka The Flying Doctors

If you’d like a sneaky preview of the type of marvellous dancing we have lined up for our Birdman routine, or if you just want a few minutes to skive off work and have a laugh, click here and you’ll get the picture. Ben in particular is looking forward to his first ballet lesson from Annelies who is our ballet expert. Annelies pranced about in tutus for about 8 years when she was younger and actually holds a ballet diploma.

And one and two and pliee and four and pas de chat and six and .. ouch!

Also, we were going to have Ben dress up in a hot pink Borat suit, but officials warned us that this could have disastrous consequences for certain vital body parts when jumping from that high, so we had to red-card ourselves – much to Ben’s relief. It was probably a bit nuts anyway.

When the doctors are not flying – we are busy designing logos, brochures, websites, exhibition graphics and so much more. The Brand Surgery, West Sussex aka The Flying Doctors.