Welcome to the TriggerSnappy Challenge Competition!

Trigger Snappy royalty free stock photo website

We have launched The Trigger Snappy Challenge because we believe this will support both amateur photographers and offer design agencies stunning photos of ordinary towns. Amateur photographers can upload their stunning photographs free of charge – and then get paid every time a design agency or other person purchases their photograph(s). Photographs can be purchased for £10 and the photographer earns 50% of fee, and we use the other 50% for marketing the website and photographers.

The TriggerSnappy Challenge Launch Competition is a nationwide competition to photograph and upload amazing shots of your local normal town to our website. Your photographs can be as abstract as you like, but stunning and saleable – remember that this competition is based on how many photos you sell.

How to win the TriggerSnappy Challenge Launch Competition
It is very simple – simply upload your most stunning photographs of local towns via www.TriggerSnappy.co.uk and the photographer who sells the most photos will win £500 of camera equipment vouchers and we will give them 80% commission for the following year for all photos they sell on www.triggersnappy.co.uk. You can help to increase your chances of winning by telling your friends and colleagues and possible purchasers about your entry, although we will also be marketing the website to UK design agencies.

Hints and Tips
• Remember that your photo will be purchased by a local designer or advertiser – so although it can be abstract, it should be attractive to encourage visitors to your town and to local businesses – which in time will improve your town because of inward investment.
• This competition will also help you to gain ‘keyword’ experience as you will need to add ‘commercially attractive’ keywords if purchasers are to buy your photos. You can download our keywords tip sheet from www.TriggerSnappy.co.uk.
• The winner of this competition will be the photographer who sells the most photos.
• Add a link to
www.TriggerSnappy.co.uk on your blog or photographic club website to encourage photo purchasers to see your work.

Closing Date
• The closing date for this competition is Thursday 31st July.

You must read and agree to TriggerSnappy Ltd terms and conditions before uploading photos. There are competition rules for entering The TriggerSnappy Challenge which you can read on www.TriggerSnappy.co.uk.