The Brand Surgery, brand development and graphic design, West Sussex

Our brand doctors and nurses have witnessed a few near-death brand experiences recently. We would take this opportunity to share with you, just how we breathe the life back into these brands – to make them nice and shiny, and hence create happy people enjoying huge profits!

You will be seeing more of this excellent photography on our website and promotional literature very soon. We would like to thank Eddie Boldizsar for his excellent creative photography skills. Eddie’s website is being redeveloped, so we can’t advertise it at the moment, because Eddie realises the importance of brand development and how a website can make or break a sale. Remember – your website is your shop window and your first chance to make an impression. See our range websites and branding to see how we can help your business to grow healthily.

We re-learned an extremely valuable lesson during the making of this photoshoot. NEVER EVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWERS OF A CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER! Now we know how a TV weather presenter feels when they have to point at nothing!