The Brand Surgery Tailored Emarketing Solutions

The Brand Surgery Tailored E-marketing Solutions

The way to get a good response from your emarketing campaigns (and all your marcomms) is to segment your target audience so you can write to each segment in a tone that they engage with.

Some questions you should consider:

  • Who do you send your e-campaigns to?
    If you send one e-shot to all your customers and potential customers then do not be surprised if you don’t get a healthy response. If you are sending a campaign to existing customers, then write something to appeal to them. Make them feel special and reward their loyalty with a tailored email and not a mass marketing email. If you are approaching a customer base that you haven’t worked with before then find out about them so you can tailor your emails next time around.
    We recently spent two whole weeks dissecting our mailing list. We went through each email address and researched the customer, so we could place them in an accurate segment. The results were amazing! It is well worth investing the time in getting to know your mailing list.
  • What is the objective of your e-campaign?
    If you don’t know what you want out of your campaign, how can you expect to get a a good result? If it is a sales promotion, then ensure your message is clear and concise and includes a deadline in the offer. If you are writing a newsletter, ensure the content is relevant to the market. If you don’t know what to write, then call us on 01903 824229 and we can help you.
  • What was the response rate of your last email campaign?
    Do you know who read your emails last time? Do you know what links they clicked on? If you don’t know this information, then you can’t continuously improve the success of your campaigns. Our digital marketing system allows you to see who has opened your newsletters so you can tailor them each time.
  • Did you get a sale from your last campaign?
    If you didn’t, then you are doing something wrong – your campaign is confusing. It is important to integrate your brand assets with your sales message, and ensure that you are sending the campaign to the correct audience.

The above seems like common sense and it is. These days our in-boxes are filled with endless information. Our filtering systems are becoming tougher because our time is valuable. If you want people to read your email and make it stand out above all the other noise – send relevant messages to the right audience – you need to match demand.

Our email campaigns get results because we have the strategic marketing knowledge as well as great design skills. If you want more success from your campaigns, then call Vicky on 01903 82429 or email vicky@thebrandsurgery.co.uk, Sussex’s No 1 marketing consultants – CIM qualified marketers.