Learn how to create the perfect partnership to grow your brand

How to find and nurture the perfect partnership to grow your brand.

One of our favourite ways to achieve brand growth is through partnerships. I have been promoting and practising organic brand growth via perfect partnerships since 2010 and was recently hired to deliver a training workshop to the amazing BIP100Club – below is a summary of the perfect partnership workshop.

Partnerships are also known as co-branding, collaborations and strategic alliances. The essence of a perfect partnership is building strong relationships, which is based upon trust.

The interactive partnership workshop included:

  • Why bother with partnerships?
  • Types of partnership
  • How partnerships grow your brand
  • How to find the perfect partner
  • How to communicate with your perfect partner
  • Successful partnerships
  • Unsuccessful partnerships

I have created two models to build the perfect partnership: 

  1. POINTS model: To help business owners understand how partnerships achieve brand growth
  2. SUCCESS tool: To create perfect partnership relationships

Here is one partnership case study in brief

Chesterman Homes is a property developer. The construction sector has a ‘hard’ and ‘steely’ feel. Chesterman Homes’ USP is that it repurposes dead space – in other words land that is going spare. They want to reach out to homeowners. To create a friendliness, we researched a number of opportunities and decided on saving hedgehogs which are in decline. Our client made a promise that each house he builds will have a hedgehog friendly garden. He has incorporated a hedgehog into his branding which gives a ‘warm fluffy feeling’ from the get go. This type of partnership is low maintenance and the value created is huge, as it shows our client is socially responsible.

Coming soon!  New online course: How to create the perfect partnership to grow your brand

This is one of many partnerships we have created for our clients and choosing the right kind of partnership is key – it needs to be right for your brand.  I am about to create a second CPD accredited online course in the same style as Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out called Creating the Perfect Partnership for Brand Growth which will cover the points above. It will include a combination of my own partnership case studies along with national/international case studies.

I am a CPD accredited training provider and passionate about teaching and if you would like me to come along as an expert for your webinar, then please contact me on +44 (0)7909 693172 or email vicky@thebrandsurgery.co.uk.







Partnership for Brand Growth training webinar

"Today, we hired Victoria to provide our BIP100 clients with an insight and inspiration around how Partnerships can elevate your brand and achieve greater reach. Victoria prepared so well, created a bespoke webinar and managed the Zoom room with flair. Her genuine interest in everyone came across, and we received some excellent feedback from our members proving that they had great value from the session. Victoria is a lady of integrity and commitment to her subject and I can strongly recommend her."

Penny Power OBE

BIP 100 Group

Partnership for Brand Growth training webinar

"We were blessed to receive a wonderful presentation from Victoria this morning to our private www.BIP100.club group. Her slides were very professional, her examples of successful partnership's was very informative and educational. Our brainstorming sessions on potential partnerships within BIP100 was awesome. Vicky is brilliant and we can highly recommend her training."

Owen O'Mailey

Building Investment Clubs, BIP 100 Group (Member)

Partnership for Brand Growth training webinar

"So very impressed at a presentation Victoria delivered today. The ideal balance of content, interaction and discussion. Every single person who attended was left feeling excited about the opportunity of partnering and armed with the right knowledge on how to develop the right partnership, the pitfalls to avoid and the factors required for it to be successful. Thanks very much for time so very well spent this morning, that I know will reap benefits in the weeks and months to come."

Leslie Thomas

Money Mastery Business Coach, BIP 100 Group

Partnership for Brand Growth training webinar

"Thanks Vicky for coming to BIP virtually today and delivering a great presentation. Really interesting subject - how to create the right sort of business partnership. I was curious about your take on the subject and enjoyed your content and I took some useful actions away as well as learnt some practical things to take into future partnership discussions. To anyone reading this - Vicky knows here stuff! Hire her."

Jeremy Cassell

Bestselling Author | Virtual Presentation Coach | Keynote Speaker, "Exceptional presenters are made, not born" |