If your business brand were a summer iced treat, what would it be?

Which iced treat best represents your business brand?

Many people are confused between branding and marketing. To make it clearer:

What have kisses got to do with iced lollies and ice creams? Well, my mission is to make businesses shine brightly from the inside out, so everyone has a reason to give them a kiss. Our devices are melting with so much marketing content, and my mission is to help businesses refresh their senses and understand the power of brand archetypes, so they become kissable this summer and the next.

I created this fun quiz to make you think about what makes your business personal and business brand different. Pick the iced treat which best represents your business, and learn which of twelve brand archetypes are the best fit. Understanding your brand archetype will enable you to develop an engaging, persuasive and compelling brand voice.

If you think you are all five of these treats, you are in danger of you wanting to fit into every character, you could be a People Pleaser (Transactional Analysis). Learn more about this in my CPD accredited online course: Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out.Use your intuition and pick the one that really resonates with you.

If your business brand were a magnum iced -what brand archetype would it be?

Magnum: The ruler

Matching brand archetypes are:

  • The Ruler: You want your business to become the ruler within its niche. You are driven by power, success and bringing the world to order. There is a danger that you say: “Do as I say” rather than listening or learning. Learn more about The Ruler.
  • Could also be The Rebel
  • Could also be The Hero 

    Rocket ice lolly brand archetypes

    Rocket: Innovative and Entrepreneurial

    Matching brand archetypes are:

    • The Explorer: Is an independent adventurer. Good innovators, they love a challenge, they crave constant excitement and adventure. They are bold. Not scared to be alone. Drivers: A better, fairer world.  Read more about the explorer
    • The Creator: Creators love innovation and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Non conformers. A corporate environment may feel stuffy. Creators crave newness, novelty (can get bored easily), creating new things, leave long-lasting legacies. Read more about The Creator.
    • The Magician: The Magician wants to make dreams come true, turn water to wine, to perform alchemy. Beauty companies promise to transform old skin to young skin, technology companies transform inefficient to efficient, pharmaceuticals transform sick to health. Drivers are magic, transformation, belief. Read more about The Magician.

    traditional 99 icecream brand archetype

    99 cone: Established and traditional

    Matching brand archetypes are:

    twister rebel brand archetype

    Twister: Disruptor – the eye of the storm

    Matching brand archetypes are:

    •  The Rebel: Enjoys rebellion, revenge and revolution. Drivers are disruption and mind control. Read more about The Rebel.
    • The Jester: The Twister lolly looks fun and entertaining describes The Jester brand archetype. The jester wants to live in the present, is full of joy and enjoys entertaining the world. Drivers are having a great time, enjoy life, be happy and make you happy, brighten your day, positivity. Read more about The Jester.
    • Could also be The Creator

    cornetto brand archetypes

    Cornetto – Cosmopolitan and global

    Matching brand archetypes are:

    • The Lover: The Cornetto is Italian and it is said the Italians make good lovers! The lover brand archetype stimulates and arouses the senses. The service and product does not have to be linked to love or intimacy. Drivers are intimacy, indulgence, romance and love. Read more about The Lover.
    • The Everyman: Everymen and Everywomen prefer to fit in and belong. Their greatest fear to be left out. They are realistic and down to earth. They conform rather than stand out. Global companies may be in danger of attracting staff who prefer to fit in. Read more about The Everyman.
    • Could also be The Ruler

    iced summer treats - artisan and innocent brand archetypes


    Artisan iced treat – Organic and innocent

    Matching brand archetypes are:

    •  The Innocent: Have the desire for being ethical, good, fair. Some may say naive. They see the best in everything and are people pleasers. Drivers tranquillity, equality, happiness and faith. Read more about The Innocent
    • The Sage:  Wants to find the truth by using insights, knowledge and analysis to understand the world. Drivers are enlightenment, truth, knowledge and understanding. Read more about The Sage. 
    • The Caregiver:  Caregivers care! They have oodles of compassion, generosity The challenge for a new business matching this archetype to continue to prioritise caring even when it gets tough financially. Read more about The Caregiver.

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    iESE are evolving from a government funded organisation to a not for profit limited company. Vicky came highly recommended by one of our local authority customers, so we knew that she not only understood marketing but she understood our audience too. Vicky audited our core marketing activities which has highlighted that we didn’t promote our CSR or our skills to their full potential. Vicky also suggested some great ways to improve the impact of our communication by segmenting our target audience which will greatly improve our communication to potential customers.

    I thoroughly recommend The Brand Surgery®.

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    I am thrilled with the corporate identity that The Brand Surgery has designed for my investment planning business. I've received many compliments from customers, and I look forward to working with you again soon. Our logo has stayed fresh for over 15 years, which is fantastic and well worth the original investment.

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