Brighton City Airports old website 2022 and beforeBrighton City Airports old website 2022 and before

Elevating Brighton City Airport’s New Look and Website Makeover

Introduction: Exciting times at Brighton City Airport! We’re delighted to present the revamped flybrighton.com, a culmination of creativity and brand evolution that starts with our new logo.

A New Logo Inspired by Heritage: The journey began with a fresh logo design, inspired by the iconic art deco style of the Brighton City Airport terminal. This new logo captures the essence of the airport’s heritage while steering us towards a modern horizon.

Website Aesthetics Aligned with the Logo: With the airport’s new logo setting the tone, the website aesthetics naturally followed suit. The design elements on flybrighton.com now beautifully echo the art deco flair and elegance of their logo. It’s a seamless blend of the old and the new.

The WordPress Training Experience: The transformation continued with an outstanding WordPress training session. This wasn’t just about learning technical skills; it was an opportunity for the airport team, filled with creative energy, to take the reins. The training was nothing short of fabulous, empowering the team to bring their design ideas to life.

Features of the New Website: The new website is not only a visual treat but also a hub of efficiency and accessibility. Easy navigation, quick access to key information, and a user-friendly interface make flybrighton.com a delight for visitors.

Conclusion: This isn’t just a redesign; it’s a rebranding journey that celebrates our roots and embraces the future. We invite you to explore the new and improved flybrighton.com and share in our excitement as we take to the skies with our refreshed brand identity!

Brighton City Airport new logo design by The Brand SurgeryBrighton City Airport new logo design by The Brand Surgery