The Dome Worthing: A Vintage Revival Our collaboration with The Dome Worthing was a delightful blend of history and modern branding. Inspired by the Fleur de Lys emblem which is featured in the cinema lobby, we designed a logo and comprehensive branding that resonated with the cinema’s rich heritage.

Brighton City Airport: Where Art Deco Meets Modernity At Brighton City Airport, we created a logo and website that celebrated its Art Deco design. The final design, focusing on the airport’s architectural silhouette, mirrors the sophistication and versatility of this historic site.

The Majestic: Celebrating Individual Heritage For The Majestic, we initially explored a connection with The Dome Cinema. However, it was decided that The Majestic should stand out for its unique heritage. Our final design, drawing from the building’s distinctive flooring, underscores its individual character.

Connecting Heritage with Local Artistry Our work goes beyond branding; it inspires local artists. Our rebranding of The Dome Worthing has been beautifully echoed in artworks and gifts featured on Made by Me by the Sea, showcasing the blend of history and creativity.

My Creative Approach: Merging History with Modern Creativity My passion for heritage is also reflected in my digital art. At Made by Me by the Sea, I blend vintage charm with modern aesthetics, creating a fresh perspective on architectural and historical art.

Logo Design for Brighto n City Aiport