AI vs. Human Touch: The Creative Journey of a Chartered Marketer, Digital Artist, and Coach

AI vs. Human Touch: The Creative Journey of a Chartered Marketer, Digital Artist, and Coach

Good morning, fellow business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs! Today, we embark on an exciting exploration of the evolving landscape where artificial intelligence (AI) mingles with the expertise of skilled professionals.

Embarking on my 21-year branding adventure, I find myself increasingly confronted with calls to diversify, as the ever-advancing AI threatens to snatch away my cherished profession. Intrigued by the challenge, I turned to AI and posed the audacious question: “Can you perform my job?” Brace yourself for what the AI conjured up in response!

As a Chartered Marketer, Digital Artist, and Coach at The Brand Surgery, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of merging disciplines to help businesses thrive. Join me on this journey as we navigate the intricate web of AI’s impact on my fields, uncovering whether it could replace the irreplaceable.

Level 1: Saving Money and Beyond:

Let’s start at the bottom rung of the ladder of abstraction, where questions of practicality often arise. Business owners may wonder, “Can AI save me money by taking over these roles?” While AI has made tremendous strides in areas like data analysis and automation, it falls short when it comes to the intricate art of crafting a brand’s vision, mission, and values. These are not mere tasks but rather the soul of a business, requiring empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking—the very essence of human touch.

Level 2: The Design Delight:

Climbing up a few steps, we find ourselves amidst the captivating world of visual design. The fusion of Chartered Marketing, Digital Artistry, and Coaching elevates businesses to new heights by encapsulating their identity in stunning visuals. AI can churn out pre-designed templates, but it fails to capture the essence of a brand’s story, aspirations, and target audience. It is the human touch that uncovers the perfect colour palette, crafts captivating graphics, and seamlessly weaves together online and offline experiences, bringing the brand’s vision to life.

Level 3: The Artistry of Coaching:

Now, let’s ascend to the realm of coaching, where the power of motivation and guidance intertwines with the unique aspirations of business owners. AI may offer self-help algorithms and generic advice, but it lacks the emotional intelligence, adaptability, and personalised approach that a human coach brings to the table. A Chartered Marketer, Digital Artist, and Coach, armed with empathetic listening and strategic expertise, can co-create a tailored roadmap for success while keeping the individual’s aspirations and brand’s identity at the forefront.

Level 4: The Irreplaceable Human Touch

As we reach the pinnacle of the ladder, we uncover the truth that resonates across all these disciplines—the irreplaceable nature of human touch. AI, for all its technological advancements, cannot replicate the passion, intuition, and ability to connect deeply with individuals that a skilled professional possesses. The journey of shaping a brand, nurturing its growth, and creating a compelling presence requires more than automated algorithms. It calls for the understanding of the human psyche, the ability to inspire, and the finesse to adapt to ever-evolving business landscapes.


In the realm where AI intersects with the roles of a Chartered Marketer, Digital Artist, and Coach, we find a delicate dance between technological possibilities and human ingenuity. While AI offers efficiency and automation, it cannot replace the rich tapestry of skills and experiences that professionals bring to the table. The Brand Surgery’s unique fusion of disciplines allows us to bridge the gap between artistry and strategy, guiding businesses to create meaningful connections with their audience, and ultimately, unlocking their full potential.

So, fellow business owners, fear not! The future may be filled with AI-powered wonders, but it is the blend of human touch and creativity that will forever remain the heart and soul of your brand’s journey. Embrace the harmonious dance between AI and skilled professionals, and witness the magic unfold as your business shines like never before.

Remember, in the hands of The Brand Surgery, your vision.

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