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Website blogging
Blogging services

Blogging services

Blogging … SEO … Keywords … What does it all mean?

The word ‘blog’ is an abbreviation of weblog. Weblog is a log of activities that the blogger has been up to (ooh err). Every organisation, business, charity and artist should keep a blog to encourage visitors to their website, which in turn generates sales. Some organisations even use a blog site as their main website.

To see a good example of blogging, click here

Within one hour of writing of our article on Rebrand Margate, The Brand Surgery website launched to Page 1, No. 3 of Google (if one typed Rebrand Margate into the search bar). This demonstrates how the power of blogging is an excellent tool for search engine optimisation (SEO)! Search Engines such as Google love fresh content, so writing a blog means your website will be searched regularly!

We can hear you asking … “Would anyone who typed in Rebrand Margate be a good potential customer to us?”. We guestimated that the appeal of The Apprentice would be huge and that out of the 1000s of people that clicked on our website, we would get one enquiry. We got ten. Not bad for one hour of random blogging.

Also, the more interesting your website is, the more people will come back to visit and back links will be created – another brilliant SEO tool! Blogs give your site more credibility and thus will generate interest especially if you use the right keywords, which is what The Brand Surgery will help you with.

From only £150pm, we will write one blog entry per week using stories and keywords related to YOUR business.

Call us on +44 (0)1903 824229 or email to find out more about how blog can dramatically increase your website traffic and sales.

If all this is double dutch to you, and you feel you and your colleagues would benefit from a spot of gobbledegoop-FREE training, call us on 01903 824229 NOW!

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