So we’ve spent the last few weeks talking through what The Brand Surgery – the award winning branding agency – has been getting up to during work hours, with various website, logo and magazine design work going on. However, this week we thought we’d take a look at what the dedicated staff of The Brand Surgery are getting up to outside of the working hours.

Richy Moss, The Brand Surgery’s Web Developer has been on a few trips recently, both as part of his dedicated support of the English National Football Team. Richy has visited Copenhagen and Cardiff in the past six weeks and has been pleasantly surprised by the reception the England fans have received:

“Both in Copenhagen and Cardiff, our fans were very well received. Both city’s used the games as an opportunity for some positive PR and tried to sell themselves to the English in the hope of attracting them back for future trips. Cardiff’s marketing and advertising was particularly clever as they set up a ‘Fan Area’ for the English fans with large screens and various activities, but they didn’t miss an opportunity to advertise Cardiff’s attractions and city centre with posters visible everywhere and TV adverts regularly displayed.”

Vicky Vaughan in New York

Up, Down, Left, Right - Vicky in NYC

This takes us smoothly into Vicky Vaughan’s (Managing Director of The Brand Surgery) recent efforts behind the scenes as she has been working extremely hard on her CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. The course, which she started in January, will provide her with a degree level qualification by the end of the year. Not bad going hey! Modules on her course include Managing Marketing, Marketing Planning Process, Project Management in Marketing and Developing Customer Value.
Vicky needed a case study for her course and she has chosen Worthing Town Centre Initiative, who’s marketing is absolutely brilliant, having put Worthing well and truly on the map in recent years by holding events like Worthing Birdman and the ice rink. Vicky has been set the task of introducing a new performance measurement standard (PMS) for Worthing Town Centre Initiative and has been researching all the available options including Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 19001, ISO 14001 and Balanced Scorecard. Vicky is now working out the team changes required before preparing a budget and a cost/benefit analysis. All sounds very complicated, but The Brand Surgery is very proud of Vicky for undertaking such a commitment and heavy workload in her free time.

Vicky has also just returned from a trip over to The Big Apple. Having worked tirelessly designing and publishing the Stagecoach magazines Coastliners and Buzz, the Stagecoach team asked Vicky along to visit NYC with them, a fantastic opportunity and Vicky loved every second.

Richy has also been busy playing football for his local sides Worthing United and Northmore F.C, the former are chasing promotion and a possible league title in Sussex County Division 2 and the latter of whom have recently made it to a cup final and are in the running for the league in the Worthing and Horsham District Division 4. Richy has had his most successful season in terms of goals scored by scoring 24 goals for Northmore in just 21 games.

Richy Moss - Web Developer

Richy Moss - Website Developer

“It’s been brilliant being part of two successful teams this season but it’s all down to hard work and teamwork. I have used my position within Northmore to gain me experience for The Brand Surgery as well by writing match reports every week and submitting them to The Worthing Herald, who publish the report every week. The Brand Surgery offers blog writing and copy writing services and well as PR so this is valuable experience and development of skills which I use now on a day to day basis.”

Of course, just because The Brand Surgery team is busy after hours, doesn’t mean we are any less focussed on getting you the right brand, logo, website, marketing, etc for your business. In fact, most of what we are up to has a direct positive influence on the work we undertake as we are constantly striving to develop and improve our award winning services. So if you would like any more information on our services give Vicky a call on 01903 824229 or drop us an email at info@thebrandsurgery.co.uk.