Need some energetic #branding inspiration? This is the first of our 15th year anniversary celebration offers. We have relaunched our Successfuel™ (branding fuel designed to make your business brand go the extra mile) offer and we offering a complimentary 30 minute telephone or Skype branding consultation. This offer is limited to ten organisations (any size) up until 15th March. Can be used for anything linked to brand development. Maybe an audit of your current brand values, advice on your website or logo, or perhaps help with repositioning your brand. See www.thebrandsurgery.co.uk for ideas. Call me on 07909 693172 to book.

The Brand Surgery recommends this award-winning blend of branding and website expertise to get success for your business. Want to know more? Call Vicky on 01903 898977 for more information.

Successfuel™  helps you with anything from branding, website design & development, logo design, marketing and many more of our exciting range of services. Just look below to see some of our most recent work:

Boss Controls – Building Energy Mananagement Systems (BEMS) Controls

Boss Controls has been Carrob Controls since it was launched in 2010. In the last eight months, we have been on an exciting journey with the team to take them to the next level, as Boss Controls. This is how it all started …

We have rebranded Boss Controls from Carrob Controls in 2017 which included a logo design, website design, a launch event, we are now updating the responsive website to improve it’s positioning in Google. We have promoted the vision, mission and values across all channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Social Media. We have facilitated training sessions to encourage employees to be pro-active on LinkedIn. Not forgetting talking to our clients in person to ensure we continue to exceed their expectations. Read the time line here >

National Federation of Post SubPostmasters 

NFSP held it’s annual conference in Nottingham in Feburary 2018. The Conference agenda was called: A HELPING HAND. Our client briefed us to create a stage stand and lectern in the current branding to illustrate the title. We were asked to avoid using a cliche ‘hand holding a leaf’ at all costs! We are currently working on a rebrand for the National Federation of Sub Postmasters (NFSP) which is due to be launched in Spring 2018. See the image graphics here

Chesterman Homes: Business startup: logo design and website

We started working with Chesterman Homes in early 2017 – you may remember we wrote about the logo design and corporate identity.Chesterman Homes is a property developer with a reputation for creating a seamless process when developing quality homes speaks for itself. The Chesterman Homes team has been working together for many years, and we are careful to ensure we cause minimum disruption to you while we unlock the potential in your home.

We pay special attention to the environment and apply good design principles throughout the process, from initial contact to the end build. We’ve been building and refurbishing homes across Sussex for years, from urban apartments to family homes. Contact us today to make a no-obligation initial enquiry.

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