The Brand Surgery pricing structure. How much is a rebrand cost?


Why How much does rebranding your business cost?

Our product packages are based on our hourly rate, that costs between £55-£125ph.

The higher the business risk and brainpower required, the higher the investment required.

  • Creative design and branding strategy costs between £75-£95, depending on the level of risk. 
  • Text and code amendments £55ph
  • Executive coaching, workshops and case study interviews £75-£125 (dependent on intensity, risk, numbers)

Our rebranding and refresh packages are based on our experience of working with hundreds of businesses. All our rebrand and refresh package pricing is based on our hourly rate and estimated time required. Sometimes a project is impossible to quote on, therefore, our hourly rate will kick in.

You will see by the pie chart that our hourly rate is made of lots of factors, and in fact just 20% comes to me! The biggest chunk is CPD training and accreditations. As you know, I’m a Chartered Marketer, Fellow Member of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Leadership and Management.  That means I pay memberships and must continually train, which costs money. I am training to make your business a memorable brand and not a commodity. 

How do we calculate at the total new brand, rebrand and refresh hourly rates?

  • 25% CPD training and accreditation
  • 10% project management
  • 10% marketing and promotions
  • 10% admin, accounts and legal
  • 5% research and development
  • 5% heating and premises
  • 5% IT, software and equipment
  • 5% quality control
  • Final 20% to me! (before paying taxes)

Rebrands and refreshes are risky work. We need to ensure your ‘new look’ works on the inside and out, and does not confuse your customers. How do we do this? We continually research and study. What mattered to your customers 10 years ago has now changed.

We hope you enjoy reading our words and that you feel that your values align with ours. We hope you will choose to work with The Brand Surgery for your project. If not, ask your supplier or choice, what makes up their hourly rate. Are they accredited? Can they guarantee their work? Please read the short story below before making up your mind. 

How much does it cost your business not to invest in professional branding advice?

Here’s a story …  This morning, a photographer was sharing his woes on Facebook. He was upset because his perspective customers thought he was too expensive, his services were not valued. He was receiving enquiries that showed that people didn’t understand that for every hour of photography, two hours of editing was required. Why?  Because his business was seen as a commodity, not a brand. His business was not creating FOMO.  Had he learned how to inject some soul into his brand, he would have shone brightly. How much business had he lost as a result of not getting professional advice? Would you let someone plumb your house with no professional plumbing knowledge?

We are in the process of adding packages for podcast branding, social media brand and much more to our website, so watch this space.