Art Deco style architectural illustration Sussex

Made by Me by the Sea is a creative new venture I have launched to celebrate my illustration skills. The Brand Surgery customers will know that my branding roots stem from logo design and graphic design. Recently, I created a special version of The Prom to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which I sent to Queen Elizabeth II, and she replied! I will treasure her “Thank You” card (above) forever. 

My work with Stagecoach in 2006, designing their bus livery, sparked my interest when I drew many local landmarks to adorn the Coastliner 700 bus brand.

During the pandemic, when branding and rebranding were the last thing on most of our minds, I used the downtime to explore my illustration style, and hey presto, this Art Deco Vintage Retro style became a dominant feature and a style to be proud of which I am selling at Montague Gallery in Worthing, and on my website. I’ve also uploaded my designs onto Redbubble where my illustrations are available on mousemats, shower curtains and even sofa throws. 

So far, illustrations are Worthing and Shoreham based. The illustrations start off as photos I take, then I import them into illustrator and hand draw them, using the photo as reference, leaving in all the beautiful features, and leaving out the ugly bits! I draw what I want to see!

I’ve recently been commissioned to draw Brighton Royal Pavilion, and my client has kindly allowed me to sell that after he has received the first print. I’m really excited about this illustration because I have learned a new drawing technique. The only problem is that it requires lots of computer memory, and I yesterday I had to order a more powerful mac to cope with the image rendering.  

My Chartered Marketer expertise is being used to promote this venture, mainly in marketing planning, an inner passion of mine! So far I’m gaining a presence both online and offline, with partnerships forming with businesses including Brighton and Hove Airport. I’m learning much more about B2C marketing, and I am enjoying hearing the stories of the buildings which I drew. Two stories that stick out are a lady who prays for Worthing from the wind shelter in The Prom illustration, and an actor who presented my Connaught illustration to her acting partner – they met at Worthing Connaught Cinema.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing the designs, which make perfect Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and other Celebratory gifts.