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Let's Rebrand Britain

Let's Rebrand Britain

Are you proud to be British? Do you think summertime, with meadows swaying in the winds? Do you think of innovation and forward thinking? Do you remember our unique history, our arts and culture? Or the monarchy? Our freedom? Nice happy feelings? Or do you think of Vicky Pollard, hoodies, knife crime, MRSA, bullies, tax, unemployment, wet weather, delayed trains because of leaves on the tracks? Matthew d’Ancona recently explored the meaning of ‘Britishness’ in a Radio 4’s programme. You can listen to it on iplayer.

If you like people and places, but not politics, then Let’s Rebrand Britain is for you! We want to find out how many of the British public would be behind helping us to make Britain, Great Britain again! Take part in our online survey and tell us what you think of Britain and how you would change it. Once we have the results, we will start to rebrand Britain, like we would rebrand a business – it is the same process, only on a much larger scale! Unless we all want to pay more tax, and take orders from above, we need to start doing something. So less of: “I remember when…”. This is your chance to take control

Let’s Rebrand Britain is looking for a large corporate company to partner with for this project. The company must be British and passionate about Rebranding Britain. Please call 01903 824229 or email us at if you have any useful contact information.

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