Beat the Recession, make an Impression!

Beat the Recession. Make an Impression™!

After attending a recent Twitter seminar by Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting, the boss decided to Google herself. Then soon discovered that an article she had written last September, called BEAT THE RECESSION, MAKE AN IMPRESSION!™ had actually been published. Hoorah! We are now celebrating!!

The Womens Business Clubs has a brilliant website, which is packed with lots of information. BEAT THE RECESSION, MAKE AN IMPRESSION!™, obviously being one of the better articles 🙂 There are 5 free easy steps to get yourself ahead, including “Do a Madonna™”…

Don’t get set in your ways. Fashions change and you need to keep one step ahead. You can evolve your image without confusing your client base if you do it properly and use a good branding agency. Even if you despise Madonna, you have to respect her. Madonna is 50 and more popular than ever. She may be mature, but she is still sexy, interesting and she sells millions of records. Madonna’s products never lack in quality, they become more interesting. She has cared for her image every step of the way, and you should do the same for your business. Stimulate your customers. Excite them. Give them a good experience.

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