Pricing: How much does a rebrand, new brand or brand refresh cost?

Pricing for rebrand, new brand and brand refreshes

As a conscious branding coach and creative, and in the interest of transparency, I took the decision to publish our rebranding prices. 

There are many factors to consider when preparing your rebranding budget and you can have a great deal of influence over the investment required. It basically comes down to your objectives, your business culture and your attitude to advice, consultancy and coaching.

Remember to divide the cost of your logo by the length of time you want to use it for. Many of the logos we design are 15+ years old and still looking fresh! So divide this fee over 15 years (5475 days), and you can see that our customers have paid a few pence per day for peace of mind and confidence. Now that’s what we call smart investment. The Brand Surgery has 20 years. I am a Chartered Marketer, creative design and executive coaching expertise. Visit my branding accreditations page.

How much does a brand refresh cost?

Brand Revitaliser starts at £995 and includes workshops, logo design, business cards and basic brand guidelines. It is a flexible branding package for businesses who would like to update their look and keep the core essence of their value proposition and target audience. 

This package requires minimal research because it is assumed that because you are not diversifying that your business is doing well. Instead, I invest my time in revitalising your logo with insights from the customer workshop.  

How much does a full rebrand cost?

There are many factors that affect the price of rebranding and as you know, rebranding is much more than logo design. That’s why all The Brand Surgery’s rebranding packages are clearly priced, which puts you in control of your marketing budget. 

Brand Transformer is a ‘full rebrand’ package and includes everything in Brand Revitaliser and heaps more.  Starting at £1750, this intensive care package includes an extra vision, mission and values workshop, and also social media templates and is suitable for businesses who are evolving their value offering and reaching out to a new audience. 

Brand Transformer  approaches rebrands from the inside out, enabling you to manage the expectations of your employees and customers throughout the rebrand, to avoid confusion and fear. 

Depending on your business, the number of workshops and research may need to increase, however, this package is a good start and gives you an idea of our pricing structure.

Below are two case studies, that best explain the elements involved. Learn how our clients kept the price down. We can’t share exact prices for confidentiality reasons.

For businesses with in-house marketing expertise, SuperFlex Logo Design is for you 

SuperFlex Logo Design is a flexible logo design package that works around your design brief. It is assumed that you have professional marketing insights, upon which your design brief is based. SuperFlex™ Logo Design  package starts at £695 and includes logo design with six design concepts, 15 working day turn around time and full colour business cards as standard. All these options can be upgraded. 

Case study 1:

Public Sector IT Platform new branding (we will reveal this in a case study when we are allowed to).

Initial research (primary and secondary) included telephone interviews

  1. Analysing language, challenges, opportunities, emerging themes
  2. Creating brand name from analysis
  3. Initial IPO.gov and Domain name search
  4. Present brand names to customer
  5. Purchase URLs
  6. Share brand names with focus groups who chose their favourite
  7. Register name on IPO.Gov
  8. Design logo, visuals, iconography
  9. Present logos to focus groups
  10. Create brand guidelines with approved logo and iconography with colour palettes, tone of language – preferred format: PowerPoint

You can see here there are ten intensive tasks. The project started in December 2021 and is expected to finish in April 2022.  My client kept the cost down by organising the focus group workshops – which includes invitations and handling the tech side which saved me days of work.

All our meetings were online, therefore, no time was wasted travelling. This is an organisation culture which aligns with The Brand Surgery’s values. If you help me like this, then I am confident you will feel pleasantly surprised by the investment required.

Hourly rates

I have a daily rate that varies depending on the type of work required:

  • Creative design rate: £55-75ph
  • Website design and development rate: £55-75ph
  • FCIM Chartered Marketer rate: £95ph
  • FInstLM Executive Coaching rate: £95-125ph depending on size of workshop or group

Please read our blog which gives a breakdown of our hourly fee.

95% of the work you see in our online portfolio is completed by me – Vicky Vaughan FCIM FInstLM. Please see my accreditation page.


Case study 2:

Entertainment venue rebrand

  • Initial meeting with CEO and venue manager to understand objectives. They are local and I walk there
  • Ran a workshop with employees from different departments to understand their thoughts, challenges and ideas with actions to follow up
  • Market and competitor research, language analysis and emerging themes
  • Create a branding strategy
  • Designed six logos concepts, showing the logos in context as signage and website
  • Logo approved, then spoke to several signwriters who were recommended for the bespoke design
  • Brand guidelines, to incorporate social media, website design
  • Event launch. Invited my contact book which includes dignitaries, press, media.

I offered my client a menu of options. They hadn’t met me before, and like you, were trusting me from my website, therefore it is important to gain trust and start with small steps first.

I am happy to do this with you. Then as our relationship grows, I work on larger projects as I earn your trust. I ask for 50% in advance, and the balance of the project is paid after each project is completed, which helps me with my cashflow.





The Brand Surgery’s pricing explained!

  • From every hour charged,  25% is invested in training and continuous professional development. 
  • Only  5% of your investment pays for premises and heating
  • Your investment pays for knowledge and experience. Read more >
The Brand Surgery's pricing struture explained - understand how much a rebrand costs
Brand Revitaliser package is for businesses seeking a complete rebrand - How much does a rebrand cost? Create your own bespoke rebrand package

What is Brand Revitaliser™?

Brand Revitaliser™ is a full rebrand solution for businesses keeping the same products, services, and customer profiles. It includes logo design and a customer workshop, business cards and more. You recognise that customers’ challenges and priorities have changed and are open to learning for a future-proofed brand.  Shop now >.

Visit our rebranding shop

Visit our store of fully accredited customisable branding and rebranding solutions to take your business to the next level.  Choose Logo SuperFlex package (logo design),  through to full rebrand packages, Brand Revitaliser and Brand Transform™ offering pampering through to intensive care.

Animated gif showing branding packaages and prcing
SuperFlex customisable logo design package - with business cards

What is SuperFlex™ logo design?

SuperFlex™ logo design package is a customisable logo design solution which includes a 45-minute consultation, six design concepts and one set of client amends, with options to increase the number of logo amends, select turnaround time, logo formats and brand guideline options. You will have in-house marketing expertise and be able to provide a detailed design brief.  Shop now >.

The price is down to you

  • Your objectives
  • Your decision-making process
  • Your meeting preferences – online/offline
  • Your commitment
  • Your time constraints
You are in charge of how much your rebrand costs
Brand Nourish is a Vision workshop

What is SuperFlex™ logo design?

Brand Nourish is a workshop to create a compelling vision statement for your business, which motivates and inspires your team to follow your dream.  If your vision statement no long excites you,  it probably won’t excite others around you. I am a Postgraduate qualified executive coach and Chartered Marketer,  experienced in facilitating workshops and building brands.
Shop now >

What are BrandFit™ Guidelines?

BrandFit™ Guidelines is a customisable solution, essential to create brand consistency and trust. The package includes logo use and misuse, and social media templates as standard.  You can add brand identity, colour palettes and psychology, vision, mission, and values, brand archetypes and imagery.  Shop now >.

Image header BrandFit Guidelines - from £295.

Examples of successful new business brands

Visit our portfolio to see our other examples of new business branding.  

Logo and menu design for The Fat Greek Restaurant


The Fat Greek Taverna is based in Worthing, Sussex.  It is a celebration of Greek culture. The owner, Andrew Sparsis, asked us to create a logo and brand visuals to promote the soul of his new business venture. Andrew wanted a rustic look and feel. We created a website and menu templates for his printer to be able to amend, saving the business money in the long term. 

Boss Remote Solutions sub-brand logo for new business


We have been working with Boss Controls to grow their business brand since 2016. As a result of the growth, the business has expanded and has opened Boss Remote Solutions Centre which serves the whole of the UK. Boss Controls will always be the umbrella brand and the Boss RSC logo was design to complement the existing branding.  To read more about Boss Controls, visit their website.  

Logo design and branding for Local Government apps - technology and ai


iESE public sector transformation consultants lead by example, and they have transformed their business model to adapt to the digital age and related market trends. As a part of iESE’s transformation, they have developed a new suite of apps which The Brand Surgery created the logos and visual branding for,  keeping to iESE brand guidelines, which we helped them develop. You can read more about the apps on iESE’s website which The Band Surgery also designed and developed.

Website design and branding for business setup - property developer

Chesterman Homes

Chesterman Homes is a property developer based in Shoreham, West Sussex. The owner, Sven Chesters, asked us to create the name, logo, website. As always, we started the project by identifying the soul behind Sven’s vision. We celebrated his uniqueness by partnering with the Hedgehog Society.  Chesterman Homes promises to build a hedgehog-friendly garden in every property the company develops.