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We have recently designed a new logo design and corporate identity for Praxis, a Leadership and Change Management Consultancy which works with local and central Government. The Brand Surgery has ten years experience of working within the local government sector at both an officer and member level so understands the challenges.

Like all of our logo design projects, as well as following the normal logo design rules, we work hard to ensure there is a ‘story’ or ‘reason’ incorporated into the logo design. The definition of praxis is ‘the practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory’. Our client has a PhD in behavioural research and he puts his theory into practice when he consults. Studying ‘eye’ reactions is a huge part of his work so we have incorporated this into the design.

Strict rules of logo design are:
  1. Logos must be simple and versatile so that they can be recognised when reduced in size. Remember you may want to give out promotional pens with your logo on the side. Also magazine and newspaper printing make it harder to read logos, so logos must work when printed in black and reversed out of a solid block of colour.
  2. Logos must be memorable and be able to create a positive image in the minds of your client.
  3. Logos must be timeless so they don’t date too quickly! Our logos for Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant in Worthing and Worthing Town Centre Initiative were created eight years ago and still look fresh.
  4. Logos must be relevant to your business. A school should have a very different look to a firm of accountants.

Colour psychology plays in important role – click here to see our short presentation on colour psychology.

It is also very important to protect your logo – the safest way is to register it with the Intellectual Property Office. Click here to find out out to protect your logo.

We are currently working on the Praxis website copy and design and look forward to showing you these in due course.

The Brand Surgery is qualified to give you professional marketing advice on corporate identity and logo design and is the only marketing agency with an in-house Chartered Marketer in Worthing. If you would like a business logo guaranteed to stay fresh for years, call The Brand Surgery, the number 1 Design and Marketing Agency in Sussex on 01903 824229 today.

corporate identity and logo design for Praxis Leadership Management

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