Use colours to increase your sales

Use colours to increase your sales

Used correctly, colours can significantly increase your sales.

Used correctly, colours can boost your sales. It’s all to do with colour psychology and colour symbolism. If you didn’t know this – colour symbolism is to do with association (colour links to traditions and religions). Whereas colour psychology is how light reflects off objects. Both colour symbolism and colour psychology will have a significant impact on the sales of your business.

If you are setting up in business and are planning to go global, then you should think carefully about colour. Positive colours in the UK can be negative abroad and vice versa. Therefore, your colour choice is as important as your company name. For example, in China, black can mean trust and high quality. In Britain we wear black for mourning, yet we also wear black dresses for celebrating.

True Blue
You should never use blue for food packaging, but blue is great for solicitors and accountants. Why? Blue is the colour of mould and poisonous berries. People on diets would do well to replace their refrigerator light bulb with a blue light bulb – the blue light will suppress your appetite.

On the positive side, blue is the colour of nature. Think of the sky and the sea, which is calming and we feel safe when the sky and sea are blue. Police (worldwide) wear dark blue uniforms. Blue is a great colour for people in authority and if you want to evoke a feeling of trust.

Think Pink
You may have noticed that we like the colour pink here! Pink is a great colour and it has even been known to reduce the feeling of violence as it is a calming colour. In Texas, prison cells are painted pink and inmates wear pink to calm them down – and this includes the male inmates!

With the above in mind, you need to pay particular attention to the colour of your corporate branding including websites, exhibition stands and marketing collateral. If you would like to know more about how correct use of colour can improve your sales, call Vicky at The Brand Surgery on 01903  824229.