ICTR - logo design for IT asset management business

ICTR - logo design for IT asset management business

We have been working with ICTR for a few months now and have recently finished the logo design part of the rebrand. We are currently working on the new website which will be launched in July 2013. We are particularly pleased to be working with a business that shares the same ethics as our own – mainly sustainability. Steve Coates, CEO of ICTR was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the Government’s Improvement and Efficiency awards in Westminster, for his innovative ideas to help companies dispose of IT assets in the most responsible and safest way. Steve introduced The Brand Surgery to the concept of The Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy – Sustainable marketing concept

Nature has a circular lifecycle but the economic lifecycle is linear: manufacturers generally design and build products for disposal at the end of a short product lifecycle promoting profit from replacement, but also depleting our planet of scarce minerals and filling landfill.  How could nature get it so right – and the economy get it so wrong?

With the Circular Economy concept, manufacturers would design and build products to last, then at the end of the much increased product lifecycle, the product could be re-used, not recyled or disposed of. The Circular Economy strips the ineffective current system back to basics and has launched a new way of thinking: What if manufacturers kept ownership of products that were built to last and consumers would rent the product and therefore would not have to pay extra for replacement parts? This way the manufacturers don’t lose profit, consumers don’t have to replace/dispose, the products are kept up to the latest specification and the planet is one step closer to being saved. Everyone wins!

ICTR and the IT Circular Economy

There are currently huge gaps in the IT Circular Economy and ICTR is committed to closing the gaps. ICTR responsibly refurbishes IT assets so that they can be re-used – not recycled. Only when a product is well-past its refurbishment state will it be responsibly recycled.  ICTR is ADISA merit accredited which means that all data is securely erased before refurbishing to Government standard meaning that your business reputation is safe from any data security breaches. ICTR works with businesses with over 60 employees.

For this exciting project, The Brand Surgery carried out:
Logo design and corporate identity

The ICTR logo design and corporate identity was created to align with the corporate world. The circle design represents the IT Circular Economy and the gaps which ICTR is committed to filling. The logo is being used on uniforms, the website, signage and minimal packaging.

Website copywriting

We have created the sales copy for the new website which is written for search engine optimisation (SEO) without compromising on tone and the sales message. You will be able to see our copywriting work when the new website is launched in July 2013.

Website design and development

We have finished the website home page design and are currently working on the rest of the page designs, keeping to our comprehensive website plan.

Circular economy on You Tube

If our glimpse into the Circular Economy has got you excited then take a look at some of these movies and have a look around the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website.

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