Logo design and brand identity for B2C business

Logo design for B2C business

Logo design

We have recently completed the logo design and visual identity for Maternity and Nannies which is an international childcare agency based in the UK. The objective of the rebrand was to grow the business by engaging mothers in the heart of London City. Our client required a logo that looked grown up but also captured the essence of her maternity business. The logo has so far received amazing feedback from our client’s contacts at Mumsnet.com and Bounty.

  1. We designed several versions of the chosen logo to suit different mediums. The top ‘stacked’ logo is the default logo which will appear on the website (in construction), business cards, stationery and other marketing communications.
  2. The reversed logo would be used on dark backgrounds – for press advertising or even exhibition banners.
  3. The small logo would be used for promotional products such as pens/usb sticks/key fobs/fridge magnets.
  4. The unstacked logo may be used for a horizontal website banner, promotional pen, or even retail fascia signage.

Logo design rules

If you are recruiting a branding agency to design your logo, it is essential you ask them to design your favourite logo in different formats to ensure it is readable and is eye-catching. This helps to furtureproof your visual identity ensuring a hasty return on your marketing investment (ROMI). A reputable design agency with a qualified in-house Chartered Marketer will know to design a style or colour which will suit your business industry. Here is a related excerpt from my book, Do A Madonna.

So have you got a vision for your new business corporate identity? At this stage, I would like you to write down what colour or combination of colours you want for your business logo. Then I want to know what inspired you to reach that decision.

I am silently praying that you have not written down reasons similar to this:
• I want a red logo because red is Liverpool FC’s colour; or
• I want a blue logo because my wife’s eyes are blue; or
• I want a brown logo because my horse is brown…

Have you finished? OK. If you have written down any of the above, I am so pleased you have read this far because you are heading for business branding suicide. Do your customers care that you follow Liverpool FC? No. Your customers want to feel safe and secure in your hands. And you need to evoke a feeling of trust and use colours that will appeal to your customers – not colours that appeal to you. Your answer to the above exercise should be: I will choose a colour that suits my industry and target market and I will be guided by the branding agency I choose to work with.”

Corporate reputation

Maternity and Nannies has also commissioned The Brand Surgery to help with a range of services including Corporate Reputation. After all, you could have the most striking logo in the world, but unless your business delivers on its brand promise and builds up trust and loyalty with customers, it won’t grow and be recognised. We have a range of business marketing packages that can help you with this.

New website coming soon

Keep an eye out for the new Maternity and Nannies website which we hope will be live before Christmas. Of course it will be integrated with social networking functions, blogging facility and be linked to our e-marketing software to keep customers up-to-date.

Call Sussex’s No 1 branding agency for advice on all of the above on 01903 824229. We look forward to hearing from you soon.