How do you know that your employees trust you?

The ILM Trust Index 2011 research reveals that many employees surveyed believe their organisation, CEO and line managers prioritise financial goals over ethical operations which causes distrust. If you trust your employees, they will begin to trust you and be happier, work harder, be innovation angels and ambassadors that buy into your brand and grow your business for you.

How to create employee trust

Creating trust may require transforming your company culture which must begin at the top. Now is the time to re-establish your values and remember your purpose. Remember why you went into business in the first place?

New era-leadership requires that you empower your employees to become leaders. Then they will become your brand ambassadors. Why not let your employees co-create your values? What excites them? Once you learn then, then you can create relevant metrics that employees feel excited about achieving. KPIs may include the number of new ideas generated or the number of exceedingly satisfied customers. How do you know a customer is exceptionally satisfied?

Organisations which promote ethical values will benefit from creating a trust dividend. “A trust dividend is a dividend that feeds into employee engagement and workforce commitment, and thus improves organisational performance. In order to gain this trust effect, though, CEOs and line managers need to set the ethical agenda and integrate ethical behaviours into the cultural fabric of their organisation.” (ILM, 2011).

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